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Who read comics again?

Even while making the uber cool polar Le Clan des Siciliens, Alain Delon kept it real when it came to his reading material. Mille sabords!

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Scouts are smurf!

The official UK Scouts store currently has a number of items for sale featuring Belgian creator Peyo’s little blue dwarves doing all kinds of scouty things. I picked the badges, because, well, scouts love badges, but they also have key … Continue reading

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Say it with pictures!

The Australia Council For The Arts commissioned a report on how graphic storytelling (comics, story maps, persona journeys) work, and how cartoonists, illustrators and comickers can make a difference in getting a message across. Not only did the team (led … Continue reading

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LeVine is back!

Like I said before, the shelves in my office are filled with books by people that seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Once the words from gods on my Olympos, their often faded spines now seem … Continue reading

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Respect your elders!

I was notified of these panels from the quite excellent Les Routes de La Défaite (Le Merlu 1, Paquet 2019), a harrowing story from the early months of the Second World War in France, when fugitives roamed the land and … Continue reading

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The funnies were never for kids

While comic books were still deemed to be low-grade children’s fodder in the early 60s, the newspaper strips were generally accepted as also or even predominantly aimed at adults. I can’t see another reason for running a half-page ad in … Continue reading

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Le Chat at IJOCA

In case you are interested, I wrote a short “think piece” on the “affair” concerning Belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck and his Le Chat museum, for the International Journal of Comic Art blog. It will also be reprinted in the next … Continue reading

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The Guradian is 020 years old!

The Guardian, the UK’s (and the world’s) record of conscience, celebrates its 200th anniversary, and who could better encapsulate its stance, values and very peculiar relationship with its readers (and non-readers) than long-time contributor Posy Simmonds? She even included Guardian … Continue reading

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Who read comics?

Reading comics wasn’t always a sign of a well-balanced education and a keen sense for quality. Back in the sixties, it particularly showed you somehow never really grew up (or something). Which elevates mr. John Steed, esq. even higher in … Continue reading

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Pogo in the pit!

I registered my appointment for my Covid vaccination today, and to celebrate, here’s a happy song with some friends from the funnybooks. And a real Pogo doing the pogo! (thanks to Sean; Title courtesy the one and only Marc W.)

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