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Disney strips play money

I always enjoy discovering newspaper strips and comics that try and add a little extra to just that story on the page. in the 1930s the syndicated Walt Disney strip, Silly Symphonies,  used to include extra panels with toy dollar … Continue reading

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Many panels – On se paie ma tête!

Ever since Hergé started Totor, the precursor to Tintin, scouting has been a continuing theme in Belgian comics. The amount of comics that actually feature boy scouts may be limited, but the general philosophy of doing the right thing, putting … Continue reading

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New Meccano

Meccano is a tiny little country in the south of Europe, where the rich do the bidding of the ultra-rich, and life is ruled by greed, hedonism and opportunism. Ever since Dutch atom style magician Hanco Kolk started chronicling life … Continue reading

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Savignac for Bic

While browsing through a (virtual) pile of old Spirou magazines, I came across these advertisements by the great Raymond Savignac for the next generation Bic ballpoint pen in 1961.  These ads speak to me for various reasons, all somehow related … Continue reading

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Tintin reduced

I’m always in for games that include reduction and constraints, such as the one French (?) illustrator (?) Ludo Prieur (?) designed, reducing all Tintin covers to the max, while still maintaining their immediate recognisability. I’m using question marks a-plenty, … Continue reading

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Shooting is Fun

In adition to creating The Spirit, which ran for decades in its own syndicated newspaper supplement, and, arguably, inventing the modern graphic novel (or at least the term), Will Eisner was also well known for his contributions to PS Magazine, … Continue reading

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The Fight is ON

Over the Christmas Holidays, French cartoonist Thierry Martin started a thread on Facebook, drawing up fight scenes between comic characters that never fought (so bitterly) before. 

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Hilarity did ensue

In her autobiographical comics (more particularly, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant), Roz Chast gives an insight in her relationship with her (late) parents that is at once loving but irritated, caring but exasperated.  In the December 28, 2020 … Continue reading

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Whither inspiration?

We’ve only gotten as far as January 6, and I’m already running out of steam a little. What to present so as to keep you interested? Thankfully, Facebook has this wonderful “memories” feature, that presented me with this little ditty … Continue reading

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Ever wishes you a better 2021

As the annus horribilis that was 2020 is long gone by now, and two new issues have been published in the mean time, I think the good people at Humo Magazine won’t mind my sharing the splendid cover that Ever … Continue reading

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