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Kao Kuk Is Dead

Ever since It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, it is common knowledge that Seth loves to create alternative histories. Here is the story of Canadian astronaut Kao Kuk on his ever deeper going adventures, in glorious animation. (note … Continue reading

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Eltingville Animated

In 2001 people in the know thought it would be a good idea to do an animated version of Evan Dorkin’s quintesentially nineties dorkdom comic, The Eltingville Club (I’m using the shortened name from the collected edition). Even though the … Continue reading

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Jeff Buckley’s infinite canvas

For official video to the Dylan cover Just Like A Woman, from the recent, posthumous Jeff Buckley compilation LP, You And I, production houses Blind and Interlude collaborated to create a genuine interactive streaming comic book. While the music is playing, you can click on … Continue reading

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Popeye Perfume

Did fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier just bring danger to one of the longest-lasting love interests in comics? For the latest edition of his Le Male perfume line, Gaultier took inspiration from Popeye, which was not that big of a leap, as … Continue reading

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Christmas at the airport

Not only has Nick Lowe created one of the very few new Christmas songs that are not pure novelty and irony (and still manage a satisfactory amount of tongue-in-cheek), the official video to Christmas At The Airport was created by … Continue reading

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Homer Simpson on the Graveyard of Comics Past

It’s the first week of October, and for fans of the Simpsons Tapped Out game, that means that the yearly special Halloween edition has launched. This year the edition’s splash screen shows Homer running away from the user’s tapping finger, … Continue reading

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The Justice League is On Target

According to this ad for Target, you can trust the Justice League to get you everything you need for an emergency birthday party, just don’t expect them to pay. That’s your job!

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Mass Murderer of Steel

Judging from his Mass Murderer of Steel review-in-game-format, I guess Kyle Baker didn’t care much for the last part of Man of Steel…

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Tintin plays for Barcelona

Yesterday’s Champions League duel between FC Barcelona and Bayern Leverkusen was promoted by Barça Toons with this short clip.   Which is not only nicely done, it also contains Tintin !

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All the Tintin you need

This delightful unofficial titel sequence for the upcoming Adventures of Tintin movies was created by James Curran and includes references to all Tintin books, from Pays des Soviets to L’Alph-Art. Splendid stuff !

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