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Great minds think alike (?)

The picture at the top is an amazing tattoo designed by Russian artist Alina Fokina, as shown on her Facebook page on Decembe 20, 2013. Below is an ad for a brand of safety gloves, created by the Brazilian agency Filadélfia … Continue reading

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Even superheroes get old

In his series, Aging Super-Hero, Swedish painter Andreas Englund shows what it’s like to be a super-hero but not in your twenties anymore. For those who expect a deeply profound reflection on going gently into that good night, Englund’s super-senior … Continue reading

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Not so super now

Even the superest of superheroes sometimes has an off-day. William Wray seems to catch them when they are most unaware of an audience, when they are just in the middle of the daily drudge, or when they simply lack the … Continue reading

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Who needs art (and comics)

For anybody who is even remotely interested in the visual arts (or comics), Grant Snyder’s column-in-comics-format Who Needs Art on Medium is required reading.

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Cartoonists’ portraits

Chris Schweizer of the Crogan Adventures is currently doing a “Character a day” feature on his blog, which is quite nice, even though he tends to lean towards design in rather drab colors. While perusing his blog, though, I came … Continue reading

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Is it comics or Lichtenstein?

With these explosive visuals, Volkswagen wants to convey the message that their emergency brake systems work just in time to avoid collisions. I like these graphics, but somehow I can’t get my head around whether they’re somehow referring to classic … Continue reading

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Mutts Goes Meta With Mondrian

In today’s Mutts strip, Patrick McDonnell pays hommage to Dutch modernist painter Piet Mondrian. And while he’s at it, he has his characters get all meta about his own medium. Better than your average Sunday comic, if you ask me. … Continue reading

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Tintin au Congo (for real)

My friend Kris Berwouts lives in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. He recentely posted these pictures, taken at a quite picturesque café called Chez Tintin.  Judging from reviews on Geckogo, it’s not really the place-to-go for food, but the view … Continue reading

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Comics become art!

On October 14th, a statue commemorating alternative comics godfather Harvey Pekar was unveiled at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library in Cleveland, Ohio, an institution that was more than instrumental in his work.  The statue shows Pekar in a typical, shrugging stance, … Continue reading

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Swarte is everywhere

I recently attended an underwater hockey championship that my son took part in. Underwater hockey is not really a spectator sport, so I was quite lucky to find that the Wisselaar swimming pool in Breda (The Netherlands) boasts a monumental … Continue reading

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