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The Color Of Comics

Comex Paints claims they can match any color.  Even iconic ones (and even more after the click).

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Smurf Panini’s !

Woohoo !  Best of both worlds…

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Promotional Card Sheets (3)

This final batch was published to promote the DC firepower cards, and a set of cards featuring depictions of Marvel Superheroes by the Hildebrandt brothers, grandly called “Marvel Masterpieces”.

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Promotional Card Sheets (2)

These promotional card sheets were for sets that Marvel published themselves in 1994, about the Marvel universe in general, and Spider-Man in particular. I particularly like the way the cards on the second sheet match like a jig-saw puzzle.

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Promotional Card Sheets (1)

In the mid-1990, when trading cards were a vital part of the comics retail business, promotional sheets for new card sets were quite common in magalogs like Previews. These sheets were typically printed on the same cardstock as the actual … Continue reading

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Bite me, ya hump !

It’s 1993, and the comics glut is at full swing. Rulers of the domain are Image, who bury the market under ultra-rare collector’s issues with alternative embossed chromium foil green logo hologram covers, grim heroes and zero content, and Wizard … Continue reading

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Views Of Turnhout

As is the case every other year, last weekend the quiet Flemish town of Turnhout was completely conquered by hordes of die-hard comics fans (well, more like a steady dribble, but there you have it) for the Strip Turnhout Festival. … Continue reading

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