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Those Pesky Nepo Babies

It’s 2023 and suddenly nepotism seems to be all around. It seems like there’s a whole bunch of talented people who also have parents! That are also talented! Even in comics this is rampant, as this cartoon from the New … Continue reading

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The truth about Markovia

I guess this message is well past it’s sell-by date, but just to make a point, I’d like to present to you : Markovia has been doing all right, even without Batman’s help. In Batman And The Outsiders #1 (1983), … Continue reading

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Broken Promise

There’s a Batman blockbuster with oodles of marketing money, and then there’s Stephen Trumble who goes ahead and creates a great Batman animated short all on his own (ok, with some pretty good voice talent). Broken Promise features two of … Continue reading

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Dem Bones ain’t movin’ yet

Netflix seems to be doing not that well : stocks are dropping, subscribers are leaving, things are bad. Which in turn means that costs are getting cut, and productions here and there are axed. Among them the animated series project … Continue reading

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Super board games!

Earlier this month I visited the Fumetto comics festival in Luzern, Switzerland. One of the main items on the agenda was an exhibition by Peter Poplaski on the 20th Century super-hero and his precursors, relation to classical pantheons and appearances … Continue reading

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Yoko Ono Cartoonist

Last week I dragged a few good friends along with me to the Yoko Ono retrospective in the amazing new Chipperfield wing in the Z├╝rich Kunsthaus. It was an interesting, funny and moving exhibition, mainly focusing on Ono’s work as … Continue reading

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Thank you for waiting

While en route to a client meeting near the Gare du Nord in Brussels, I noticed a rather peculiar use of comics. Near one of the many pedestrian stop lights, somebody had posted the February, 2022 edition of the Gazette … Continue reading

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Idiotic Eureka Moment – The Sound Of Bullets

Turns out it’s the same in English as in French. Who knew? (Ideotic Eureka Moment, hat tip to Frank Skinner)

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Who read comics, the far-out version

In 1970 Italian photographer Fausto Giaconni was in London and heard about the Isle of Whight festival. He went there and focused on the gathering, rather than the performance. His photographs went on to chronicle the great youth gathering of … Continue reading

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Stamps of interest 2022 – Belgium

In 2022 we celebrate the 100th birthday of Flemish cartoonist (and bonafide legend) Marc Sleen, as well as the 75th of his most famous creation, Nero. Two very good reasons for the Belgian Post Office to issue two stamps commemorating … Continue reading

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