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Happy Easter

What better way to celebrate Easter than this Bizarro cartoon, which literally has everything.  So don’t ask me to enumerate. (cartoon © Dan Piraro Distributed by King Features Syndicate)

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You’re in existential doubt, Charlie Brown

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield or Calvin Without Hobbes, and how removing one element from a popular strip suddenly added a whole layer of existential angst ?  Well, here is the nec plus ultra of the genre, and it’s even more … Continue reading

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New Peanuts movie !

At the end of the month, the new Peanuts feature, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, will be released on DVD.  And even though Warner Premiere had a normal trailer made to promote the video, they also compiled this … Continue reading

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Not all comics get a stamp

Pearls before Swine stars Rat and Pig try to get in on the recent US Postal Services issue featuring classic Sunday comic strip characters.  Much to creator Stephan Pastis’ chagrin. (Via Cartoon Philately – Pearls Before Swine © 2011 Stephan … Continue reading

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Laughing Out Loud Cats hit 1600 !

Adam Koford just posted the 1600th cartoon in his Laughing Out Loud Cats series, and it is mind-blowing.  A perfect story to celebrate one of the best strips currently available on the web.  And now on to 2K !

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Super Bizarro

Dan Piraro is doing a book of Bizarro super-hero cartoons next spring, and to celebrate that, he posted two excellent DC-themed cartoons on his blog.  I like the way he makes fun of the way Wonder Woman is always thought … Continue reading

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Pogo wants your help

Here’s a nice piece of ephemera to go along with the season.  This vintage ad from 1961 for Unicef by Walt Kelly comes courtesy of The Pictorial Arts, a fabulous illustration blog.

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Shaner does Popeye

All of Popeye in one page.  I’m speechless.  Luckily, Doc’s not : on his own blog, he adds notes and commentary. (via Comic Twart)

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Not in my country

Cartoonist-journalist Joe Sacco, famed for essayistic comics like Safe Area Goražde or Palestine, has a short story in this weekend’s Guardian newspaper.  Not In My Country deals with the way the island of Malta deals with the influx of African … Continue reading

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A whole bunch of nancies !

Paul Hornschemeier was quite surprised to find out he had contributed to this rather impressive collection of Nancy intepretations by the likes of Seth, Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, J. Bone and Hope Larson.  35 in all !

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