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It’s the gutter that counts

Comics scholars like Scott McCloud have spent many a page on the meaning and importance of the gutter, the white space between a the different panels on a comics page where, it would seem, all the magic of visual storytelling … Continue reading

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Bagge in Cuba

One Bagge leads to another, it would seem. In June, 2016 Reason magazine published a four-page strip in which Peter Bagge reported on a recent trip to Cuba, a “part fact finding mission, part plain ol’ vacation tour. He called it … Continue reading

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A Belated Christmas Present

Just like this year, 1961 started on a Sunday, with Monday the 2nd being a first day-back-at-work-with-a-headache day! Luckily Spirou Magazine presented their readers (who probably went to school, rather than work) with a neat little calendar to cut out, … Continue reading

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You’re my drummer!

Over on Vice, a nice little set of one-page strips by Peter Bagge is cleverly hidden away, narrating some of the finest anecdotes in pop music history. Feauturing luminaries like The Who, Bob Dylan or Prince, who cares if they’re … Continue reading

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Comics quoting from the future

It’s most probably my personal idiosyncratic frame of reference, but off late I’ve noticed at least two classic Franco-belgian comics featuring characters that are blatant references to real people, except that those people were still children at best at the … Continue reading

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Astérix sells!

In 1967, Astérix, arguably the most successful French comic character ever, was big business. Each new album sold about half a million copies, and the characters by Goscinny and Uderzo were courted by all kinds of business for advertising campaigns. … Continue reading

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Puce Stamps

In 1962, Pogo cartoonist Walt Kelly made fun of the practice popularised by US supermarket chain Sperry & Hutchinson of giving out bonus stamps with each purchase. These green stamps could later be traded for household goods of all kind, giving … Continue reading

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