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Pif Magazine stamps

Contrary to popular belief, there are whole swaths in comics that I don’t know anything about. I’ve seen covers, I’ve heard names, but beyond that, nothing. Zilch. And I’m not talking about comics from faraway lands like China or Chili … Continue reading

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Vandenbroucke for Variety

While promoting his new book, Shady (his first one in eight years), Flemish painter and cartoonist Brecht Vandenbroucke also noted that in the past year he did a job for Variety Magazine, illustrating an article on the effect of the … Continue reading

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Mutants Out!

In a year when there’s more talk of mutants in your average newspaper than in the pages of Marvel comics, it’s good to see that Brian McFadden is keeping it real. (via The Nib, of course)

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I Remember Kochalka!

Sometimes I feel like the history of my comics reading habit is a battlefield strewn with the fallen that fought for my fickle attention, sometimes won my unbridled and absolute attention and love for a while (sometimes even longer) but … Continue reading

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Let the lambs loose!

Happy easter!

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Dickie moves!

Boerke (or Dickie, as he is known around the world, see also earlier), Flemish cartoonist Pieter De Poortere’s hapless hero celebrates his twentieth birthday!  To celebrate that glorious occasion, a new collection of strips was recently published full to the … Continue reading

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The Fall Of The Death Cult

In May, 2020 conceptual artist and educator Alexandro Segade published his 96-page graphic novel, The Context, a concept-heavy space opera steeped in super-hero lore featuring six powerful beings who somehow connect in a lifeless void. Borrowing elements from critical theory … Continue reading

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More Dope Rider!

In 2017 French publisher Tanibis presented a beautiful collection of cartoonist Paul Kirchner’s work (in English) as Awaiting the Collapse. The book contained all Dope Rider strips Kirchner created for High Times magazine, as well as some other comics and … Continue reading

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Le Chat A Paris

Starting Saturday, March 26, the Champs Elysées in Paris will be a veritable cat walk, hosting an exhibition of no less than twenty full-sized sculptures featuring Philippe Geluck’s Le Chat. On their Facebook page, the organising gallery Huberty-Breyne ran some … Continue reading

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Watch what you are saying

It’s been a while since I last posted something that made clever use of that most exemplary of comics-related glyphs, the speech bubble.  Flemish topical cartoonist Lectrr made this cartoon to accompany an opinion piece on the limitations on freedom … Continue reading

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