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Brecht Evens for Altavoz

Flemish comics Wunderkind Brecht Evens came up with this wonderful sleeve design for the first album by French retro-psychedelic folk jazz combo, Altavoz. Thank God for the sheer size of vinyl…

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Pop Promenade

Back when unemployment and new wave ruled the land, and Ever Meulen was still Eddy Flippo, he created the artwork for this poster for a nationwide youth club tour held in Belgium in 1981. Like no other he captures the … Continue reading

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Götting gets lucky

Over the weekend, when life in Brussels was still ordinary, my friend Nick found this gem at a retrospective exhibition of the work of Jean-Claude Götting at the Huberty & Breyne Gallery in our fair city. Even though Götting’s style isn’t … Continue reading

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Oscar Clowes

In his illustration for the February 29 edition of the New Yorker Magazine, Daniel Clowes seems to suggest that the true stars of the Oscars ceremony are not the people who win them, but rather the statuettes themselves. Or is this some … Continue reading

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We Told You So

After having been announce many years ago, We Told You So, the definitive history of Fantagraphic Books is now slated for publication in November of 2016. Written by the inimitable Tom Spurgeon, the book sports a (not as yet final) … Continue reading

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Jim Lee does Batman vs. Superman

In order to further bolster the importance of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie, British film magazine Empire commissioned a special cover illustration for the subscribers’ version of its March, 2016 issue. Jim Lee came through with … Continue reading

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Swarte on cybermonitoring

Joost Swarte provided the cover for the MIT Technology Review’s report on persuasive techonologies, and manages to fit a quite intricate message into one single image. If you don’t grasp the scope of how your technology use is monitored and … Continue reading

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The Soul of Simenon

A recent article in the New York Times about Belgian writer Georges Simenon, was made extra special by the illustrations that Roman Muradov provided. He simply managed to capture the essence of Georges. (illustrations © Roman Muradov, via Mike)

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Brecht & Brecht

When Brecht Evens and Brecht Vandenbroucke, two of the best graphic artists currently working in Belgium (if not the most colourful), join forces to create a single picture, we are all just lucky that the world doesn’t implode due to … Continue reading

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Van der Veken creates coloring pictures

Completely in tune with the current trend of promoting coloring for adults as a viable meditation and relaxing activity, aimed at creating a zen-like antidote to the daily rush of modern life, Flemish daily De Standaard is currently including coloring … Continue reading

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