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Ever Meulen in 3D

The city where I live played quite an important role in the history of rock music in Belgium, and music festivals in particular. From its inception in 1965 until its demise in 1981, Jazz Bilzen was one of the most … Continue reading

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Los Bros Fashion

Scene : Int, the Antwerp Inno department store, about 14:30 h. – Excuse me, Madam? I was wondering if I could take your picture.  I mean, of your dress? I really like it. – Er, what? Yes, certainly, but whatever … Continue reading

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Smurfy Chocolate Goodness

Continuing on the comics-related candy theme, here’s a wonderful new box of Smurfs-shaped chocolates by Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus.  They had been making these chocolates for a while, but now they have repackaged them in a beautiful gift tin in the … Continue reading

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Comic sweets

I’m on some kind of a diet for the moment. So I’m not at all surprised (even though I’m a bit miffed about it) that I see comics-branded sweets all over town now. But I still take pictures of them.

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First class stamps (1)

As regular readers of this here little blog will probably know by now, one of the more geeky aspects of my obsession with comics is the fact that I collect comics-themed post stamps. If you are too young to know … Continue reading

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Tintin au Congo (for real)

My friend Kris Berwouts lives in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. He recentely posted these pictures, taken at a quite picturesque café called Chez Tintin.  Judging from reviews on Geckogo, it’s not really the place-to-go for food, but the view … Continue reading

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Vader is a good dad!

The lovely Jeffrey Brown has a new book out from Chronicle, a picture book about Darth Vader’s attempts at being a good dad.  It’s a sweet book, thoroughly clashing with the Star Wars canon, but all the more recognizable for … Continue reading

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Copyright ? Yeah, right !

In the above screenshot (click for a larger version), compare the text in the left screen (taken from a blogpost about Flemish illustrator Ray Gilles that I wrote in 2008) and the one in the right screen (taken from this … Continue reading

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It’s not Barbie

Herbert Chavez from the Philippines wants to be Superman. For the last 16 years, he’s been having plastic surgery procedure to more closely resemble the Man of Steel. Well, at least it’s not Barbie. Oh, and it turns out there’s … Continue reading

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Sometimes you come across a T-shirt that really makes sense, such as this one from Threadless. (Thanks, Barbara)

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