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Smurfs in Shanghai

As I mentioned earlier on the Forbidden Planet Blog, the hosts of the Belgian pavillion at the current World Expo in Shanghai, China are the Smurfs.  My wife and her brother recently had the opportunity to visit the Expo, and … Continue reading

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Comics are sweet in Lille

The city of Lille, in the North of France, seems to be known for its pastries, chocolate and generally all things sweet.  They even make chocolate masks of your favorite comic characters.  And there not that expensive, either.

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Comics just for kids ?

Hey, look who’s reading the funnies in this ad by Al Dorne !  That’d probably be different in my house… (thanks to Leif Peng, who also collected some fab Al Dorne narrative ads in his Al Dorne Flickr set)

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Pixel Tintin

Where I work, pixel avatars for all employees feature quite prominently in all corporate communication.  And since one of my colleagues seems to look a lot like Tintin (and has a similar sounding name as well), our pixel wizard made … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Mieke

Today is my dear sister’s 40th birthday, and this M.S. Corley illustration is especially for her.  Even as you grow up, don’t lose track of the child in you… (Calvin & Hobbes © 2009 uclick, LLC)

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The Return Of the Damned Condiment

It is starting again. Beware…

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Incidental Peanuts

Near the place where I work, I’ve seen this parked quite often.  There’s no sign of any company or business on it, just a frame from a Peanuts strip.  I like accidentally bumping into comics along my daily walks, even … Continue reading

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An apology

Hiya all – Just dropping you all a quick note to apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks.  I’m currently going through a bit of a lack-of-time spot. I promise that I’ll try to at least … Continue reading

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Tony Hart passes away

  Joe announces the death of Tony Hart.  At first, the foto didn’t ring a bell, but then I read, “Viewers’ Gallery”, and I thought, Vision On ! This must have been the first programme I ever watched in English … Continue reading

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Killing Time At Brussels Airport

While waiting for some family members at the airport yesterday, I managed to spot some comics ephemera where you wouldn’t expect them.  First of all, the quite famous Tintin statue, which was created in 1979 on the occasion of the … Continue reading

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