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Belgian comics post stamps 2014

For this year, the Belgian Post Office is planning three comics-themed issues, it appears from an overview on philately site Philandria (try finding these on the official BPost site, though).

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Stamp overload : Swiss Smurfs

I’ll admit I’ve been quite monomaniacal on this blog lately, but it has just come to my attention that from next week onwards, you can get two new stamps from the Swiss Post Office, featuring the world’s favorite blue gnomes. … Continue reading

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Canada Post Superman Stamps on Pre-order

Because this year is the 75th anniversary of Superman, and since Supes has a heritage that is at least Canadian, Canada Post is issuing a set of stamps on September 10 celebrating Superman’s image throughout the years. The five stamps … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (4) – Story stamp

More often than not, comics-themed stamp designers take the easy road. They pick a more or less representative (and hopefully stand-alone) piece of artwork (or have one commissioned) and slap that on a stamp. Much rarer are the stamps that … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (3) – It’s A Bird!

You’d think that super-heroes make a good theme for post stamps. After all, even the blandest version of the man-in-tights is iconic enough to appeal to a great audience. Not so, though. Naturally, there are stamps galore from the “exotic” … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (2) – Tintin!

What better way to start this series than with my favorite comic character ever. Tintin, the quiffed one, has graced stamps from the post offices of his (and mine) native Belgium, France, the Netherlands and innumerable shadier issues (of which … Continue reading

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First class stamps (1)

As regular readers of this here little blog will probably know by now, one of the more geeky aspects of my obsession with comics is the fact that I collect comics-themed post stamps. If you are too young to know … Continue reading

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Portuguese classic cartoonists on stamps

Last year the Portugal Post Office issued a series of stamps celebrating classic Portuguese cartoonists. I haven’t seen the sheet myself, but from what I can gather, it’s a beauty. Sadly, shipping from Portugal is a pain.  If there’s anybody … Continue reading

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Not all comics get a stamp

Pearls before Swine stars Rat and Pig try to get in on the recent US Postal Services issue featuring classic Sunday comic strip characters.  Much to creator Stephan Pastis’ chagrin. (Via Cartoon Philately – Pearls Before Swine © 2011 Stephan … Continue reading

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New Tintin stamps in 2011

Every year, or so it seems, the Belgian Post Office issues a new set of stamps featuring Tintin.  For next year, and probably meant to cash in on the release of the Secret of the Unicorn film, they are planning … Continue reading

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