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Dave McKean stamps

Norvic Philatelics announces a new issue by the Royal Mail, featuring depictions of mythical creatures by none other than Dave McKean.  This set features: a unicorn, a mermaid (legends about which are very common around the UK coast and the northern … Continue reading

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New stamps from Sweden

Just in time for the new year, a package arrived with a beautiful set of stamps by the Swedish Post Office, issued in september of this year.  It features art by eight contemporary Swedish cartoonists (Martin Kellerman, Charlie Christensen, Cecilia … Continue reading

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DC Stamps

In 1980, DC wanted to make some fuzz about the extra content pages they were adding to their books. The back-up stories were supposed to feature a whole stable of regular also-rans (if you don’t count Batman and Robin), and … Continue reading

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New Belgian duostamps

While waiting to post some christmas cards, I picked up these new Duostamps from my local post office. Duostamps are typically standard value stamps that have a second stamp attached with a certain topical image. In this case, from left … Continue reading

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Saved for prosperity

In 1990 the Deutsche Post celebrated the 125th Geburtstag of seminal German comic heroes Max Und Moritz by publishing one of the very few comic-related sets in their history. Four stamps were published, featuring scenes from the comic book by … Continue reading

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Ever Meulen on Writing

Ever Meulen has a long history of illustration related to books, reading and writing. These stamps are the latest in that line. They were issued earlier by the Belgian Post Office, and deal with all forms of writing (with the … Continue reading

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40 Part 14 – US Superhero Stamps

Used to be a time when you could find stamps with US comic characters from countries all over the world, except from the US themselves. Since 2005, the US Post Office is finally catching on. Brilliant move, although I think … Continue reading

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40 Part 8 – Stamped Hulk

More stamps. The Hulk, from Madagascar. ‘Nuff said…

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40 Part 7 – Advice Fo’ Chillun

A couple of years ago I won an Ebay auction for some envelopes, featuring art from Al Capp‘s Advice Fo’ Chillun. Little did I know that they proved to be customised envelopes, with the art lovingly glued to them by … Continue reading

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40 Part 6 – Tintimbres

In the late 1970’s, the French department store La Samaritaine held a competition in which contestants could buy sealed envelopes containing one of four sheets of specially designed Tintin stamps. They could also win bikes and stuff, but the stamps … Continue reading

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