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Rube Goldberg lives!

It is clear to me – comic genius Rube Goldberg‘s spirit is alive and well, and has taken possession of Joseph Herscher. But whereas Goldberg used the popular visual medium of his day, the newspaper comic strip, to promote his inventions, … Continue reading

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Copyright ? Yeah, right !

In the above screenshot (click for a larger version), compare the text in the left screen (taken from a blogpost about Flemish illustrator Ray Gilles that I wrote in 2008) and the one in the right screen (taken from this … Continue reading

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On hiatus

Regular readers of this here bloggie will have noticed that it’s been awfully quiet lately.  I know, and I’m sorry.  It’s just that there’s only 36 hours in a day that I can use, and some things just fall of … Continue reading

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Google+ gives cartoonists room to roam

Leave it to Ubergeek Scott McCloud to discover a novel way to create comics, using the scrapbook on your Google+ profile page.  This allows you to upload five images, which in turn is just the incentive sequential artists need to … Continue reading

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Infinite iconoclasts !

There’s a whole story in these two panels from reddit.  I wonder what my narration theory friends make of this.

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Ephemerist on the iPad

A long, long time ago, I did some experiments with a special WordPress skin that reformatted my blog’s content for the iPhone – it remoed all clutter from the right column and presented the content in small chunks. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Le Sketch Augmented !

Le Sketch, our favorite scrap-art showcase, has hit the magic issue 10 landmark, and to celebrate this, they put together a compilation of 25 new sketches by all the artists that were spotlighted in the series so far.  But, instead … Continue reading

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It’s a reader !

When visiting this blog, even on a daily basis, you are probably too overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of some of the art is presented, to even notice the little tidbits in the margin on the right.  I would like … Continue reading

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Understanding Google Chrome

Over the past few hours, Google has managed to create a great hubbub by announcing out of the blue that they will be launching their new browser, codenamed Chrome, in beta later today.  It is supposed to present a revolution … Continue reading

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Floc’h Illustrateur

It’s always a pleasure seeing new, interesting blogs pop up about ephemeral aspects of comics. With L’Homme Dans La Foule, blogger Basil Sedbuk tries to trace the quite voluminous output of French artist Floc’h outside the confines of comics : … Continue reading

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