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Blast from the past, in a new bottle

If you’ve been an Ephemerist regular for a while, you probably will remember my run-in with Quechup a while ago. If not, just have a look at the posts – it’s OK, I can handle it now; Quechup and I … Continue reading

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Michael J Fox + X = ?

It’s the new LOLCats, with a nice non-PC flavor added for good measure (more at My Confined Space)

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Lookie here !

A couple of days ago, this page got stumbled upon. Well, I guess it’s a breather from all the Quechup visits.

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Quechupdate (couldn’t resist it)

I-date Ltd., the people behind the social networking platform Quechup (which I happened to blog about in the past), issued a press statement last week in which they announced changing the Quechup sign-up procedure after “criticism in recent weeks”. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Once more quechup

Chris Hambly has some interesting things to say about Quechup (a previous post currently accounts for about 60 % off all traffic to the Ephemerist), and more particularly about its signup process. His logic lacks a little, methinks. Just read … Continue reading

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Hold the Quechup

update – I’ve removed the article about my run-in with If you want to read it, drop me a line. I just didn’t want new visitors to be confronted with a full page slab of text and run away.

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Be Safe And Smart on MetaFilter!

Be Safe And Smart on MetaFilter is a brilliant spoof on “Be safe and smart” ads that feature stupid furry creatures warning children about the dangers of modern life, and computers and the internet in particular. If you’re not up … Continue reading

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My company’s slowly dissolving…

So, grab a piece of history and claim one of our logo’s pixels, before they are gone forever…

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Va’entine’s Day

It’s a nice tradition, the Google cartoons, but even the best one’s make mistakes… (via Jesse)

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Scanjet with an attitude

As an illustration of my definition of ephemera (it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t add anything to human progress or otherwise, but it is way cool) : here’s what you can do with a scanner except scan…

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