Forbidden Planet 2007


These were the articles I wrote for the Forbidden Planet Blog Log in 2007 :

  1. Joe the Eskimo and Alix
  2. New talents and retrospectives
  3. New Van Hamme and David B albums
  4. Comics and politics
  5. Tibet in Brussels
  6. Belgium gears up for a tintindigestion…
  7. How did Hergé die?
  8. Presentation of Persepolis feature results in Iranian protest
  9. A tale of terrible loss from Willy Linthout
  10. The Uderzo awards 2007
  11. Richard McGuire draws for Strip Turnhout
  12. Tardi returns to Adèle Blanc-Sec
  13. New Corto Maltese adventures
  14. New Asterix trailer up
  15. Animator fears deportation
  16. Raymond Leblanc’s nine lives
  17. Join in the Tournament
  18. Hic Sunt Leones 2: comics best from Flanders
  19. Stripburger calls for entries from female cartoonists
  20. Coconino summer special
  21. Red Cross comics tackle migration
  22. Tintin in the Congo controversy comes home to roost in Belgium
  23. Le Pennetier and Berthet’s Poison Ivy
  24. Stripburger at the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts
  25. Quick & Flupke in India
  26. Tommi Musturi
  27. Plunk!
  28. The Brussels Comics Centre fails to impress
  29. Favourite Comics Pages
  30. Cycling Through Comics
  31. Comics for the hard of hearing
  32. Dial P For Pulp
  33. Michel Vaillant At 50
  34. Senoeni
  35. A Comics Tour Of Belgium
  36. The Andennes Comics Festival
  37. Tintin – Laying down the law
  38. Ulf K Exhibition
  39. Let Them Read comics
  40. I watch myself as a spectator: Cartoonist Tibet writes a book about his life
  41. XIII To End ? Who Will Tell ?
  42. Tintin auction exceeds expectations…
  43. Strip Turnhout Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary In Style
  44. Comics in “Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen”
  45. Quentin Blake And The London Youth Festival
  46. The Angoulème Longlist
  47. Best of 2007

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