Forbidden Planet 2008


Please follow these links to the articles I’ve published in 2008 on the Forbidden Planet Blog Log:

  1. Kamagurka
  2. Just in Time : Wilhelm Busch
  3. Smurfmania hits Europe!
  4. Our Continental Correspondent goes all Coconino
  5. From Comics To Celluloid
  6. Getting animated in Belgium
  7. The Angoulême Winners
  8. Besson to bring Tardi’s Adèle Blanc-Sec to the big screen
  9. Ever For Ever
  10. Spirou Celebrates 70 years of comics
  11. The Inkspot Monologues
  12. The Kamagurka Family
  13. But is it art?
  14. 60 Jahre Comics aus Deutschland/ 60 years of German comics
  15. Guy Delisle’s Burmese Chronicles
  16. Lucky Luke preventing fraud in Belgium
  17. the Castellón comics festival
  18. Eisner magazine
  19. A new Blake and Mortimer album
  20. Meanwhile in Holland
  21. Les Inrockuptibles picks out 100 top French comics
  22. The new Blake is the old Mortimer
  23. seven decades of Spirou
  24. Marcel Ruijters at Lambiek
  25. Pop Eye brings Peellaert back to Belgium
  26. Billy Tucci’s Normandy journey
  27. Festival Des Mots Des Bulles Des Peliculles
  28. L’Assiette au Beurre
  29. Rubrique A Brac celebrated
  30. Pilote celebrates 40 years of May ‘68
  31. Monsieur Alan Moore sur le Radio
  32. What am I bid for these fine examples of comic art?
  33. 2009, the year of comics in Brussels
  34. Christophe Blain in Pilote
  35. Comme d’Habitude
  36. Bo Doï goes digital
  37. Belgium comes to New York
  38. Monsieur Dave McKean A Paris
  39. Translation, please: M Le Magicien
  40. if you’ve never been to Angoulème, go in 2009
  41. BD-Fil, Lausanne
  42. Translation, please: Ludo
  43. new comics festival in Armenia
  44. Guy Delisle travels the world (wide web)
  45. Coiffeurs Pour Dames
  46. European Comic Art
  47. new Angoulème comics museum running late
  48. Translation please: Les Amis
  49. Down with oppressive machinery !
  50. Biting the hand that feeds
  51. Spirou and the Marsupilami together one again?
  52. Boerke Redux
  53. Rascar Kapak is back among the living, so to speak
  54. Another one bites the dust
  55. The Cartoonist’s Ten Commandments
  56. Driving can be Diabolik
  57. Tintin movie in trouble?
  58. Test your eurocomics knowledge
  59. Raymond Macherot passed away at 84
  60. Translation please: Bienvenue A Boboland
  61. A generation disappearing
  62. The year of the Elephant goes global
  63. Plunk at Angoulême
  64. Swarte wins Award Of Excellence
  65. Translation please: Seuls
  66. News from Philippe Berthet
  67. Marjane Satrapi honoured
  68. Translation Please: the Furox
  69. Guy Peellaert dies
  70. Ever Meulen’s Cuppa
  71. Jean-Jacques Sempé exhibition
  72. Hergé under the hammer
  73. BoDoï moves to online
  74. Translation Please: Kraut
  75. Arno in Angoulème
  76. Largo Winch film hits Europe
  77. Child in a time of war: Zeina Abirached about the joys and sorrows of Lebanon
  78. the second part of Toon Horsten’s interview with Zeina Abirached
  79. Best of the Year
  80. Frank: portraitist to the stars
  81. Translation Please special: Erik De Graaf

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