Forbidden Planet 2009


Please follow these links to the articles I’ve published in 2009 on the Forbidden Planet Blog Log:

  1. The writing on the (immense) wall
  2. Belgopocket
  3. Snowy is a transvestite cat
  4. Christophe Blain moves Thomas Dutronc
  5. Best of Year – Toon Horsten (translation and editing)
  6. Asterix’s “Sister” In Arms
  7. It’s all Gray’s fault!
  8. The Index Of Silent Comics
  9. Ulf K for Strip Turnhout 2009
  10. Angoulême, day 1
  11. Angoulême, day 2
  12. The Tintin movie – Spielberg and Jackson speak at Angoulême
  13. The Secret of Kells at Angoulême
  14. Angoulême, day 3
  15. Brendan and the Secret of Kells reviewed at BoDoi
  16. Blexbolex named “most beautiful book of 2008″
  17. Translation please: Nage Libre
  18. Stento draws portraits
  19. Bienvenue au blogosphère
  20. Comics at Art Paris 09
  21. Translation please: Marzi
  22. Schuiten to design Brussels railway museum
  23. (no) Translation (needed) please: Antisol
  24. BD at ArtParis
  25. Tintin wanna cookie !
  26. Crossing Comics
  27. That other Schuiten
  28. Another One Bites The Dust: Sammy
  29. Waste Not, Want Not: Le Sketch
  30. Lewis Trondheim is preparing a fully digital project
  31. How to lose friends and alienate people
  32. Suske & Wiske take on Pixar, in a way
  33. Important Hergé auction in Namur promises record prices
  34. French cartoonists go small
  35. Spirou returns in great shape
  36. Toonder Prize
  37. Opening of the Hergé Museum less than spectacular
  38. Summer Of The 80s
  39. Union Der Helden
  40. Dupuy & Berbérian on Roland-Garros
  41. Tintin vs Predator
  42. The Tour de France proves inspirational
  43. The real Tintin movie
  44. Everybody must get stoned (extra)
  45. De Graaf in French
  46. Lucky Luke is alive!
  47. Michael Loved Martine
  48. Belgian Comics this Summer
  49. Belgium comic strips murals
  50. Parasitical parodies!
  51. Tintin First On The Moon After All
  52. Festival news
  53. Nick Rodwell’s Calculated Affair?
  54. The Comics Code A La Francaise celebrates 60 years
  55. Translation Please: Iedereen Op Zoek
  56. Very Important Pixels
  57. BoDoi presents new Trondheim
  58. Kamagurka’s accidental portraits
  59. Logicomix, a philosophical biography in comics
  60. Lucky Luke Rides Again
  61. Linthout missing SPX
  62. Comix Influx comes to your iPhone
  63. Blexbolex is coming to the UK
  64. Sexties in Brussels – the other meaning of “adult”
  65. Uderzo announces new Asterix album
  66. Ovni gets animated
  67. Wim on Ben Fiquet
  68. Jef Nys 1927 to 2009
  69. Shaun Tan’s European Tour
  70. Angoulême in dire financial straits
  71. Blake and Mortimer ride again, but it wasn’t easy
  72. Angoulême update
  73. When we were very young (even though others were slightly less so)
  74. Strip Turnhout also for foreigners
  75. more stuff for people with too much money
  76. Angouleme: Les Sélections 2010; Wim’s take
  77. Wesley the gnome for the world!
  78. Comics Research Haarlem 2010 focuses on Eastern Europe
  79. Best of the Year 2009: Wim’s faves

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