Forbidden Planet 2010

Please follow these links to the articles I’ve published in 2010 on the Forbidden Planet Blog Log:

  1. Tibet, creator of Ric Hochet, passes away
  2. Blexbolex for Bastia
  3. Thesis on alternative comics available online
  4. Adèle teaser online
  5. Get well-read in under an hour!
  6. Jacques Martin, a personal reflection
  7. What I Will Miss In Angoulême This Year
  8. Monsieur Hulot a Bruxelles
  9. Next in comics: the commentary track
  10. crisis hits comics festivals
  11. crisis hits comics: BD sales part I
  12. comics in crisis: BD sales part II
  13. 24 heures de la BD, a quick selection
  14. Netherlands to be the guest country at Ficomic Barcelona
  15. Now We Are Five (Celebration of five years Forbidden Planet Blog Log, together with Richard Bruton, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Matthew Badham and, of course, Joe Gordon)
  16. The Clear Line conquers Europe
  17. Moomin at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre
  18. Wasco Cuts In Amsterdam
  19. The Smurfs at the World Fair
  20. L’Association at the Sismics festival
  21. Comics will guide you
  22. The Gripes of (digital) Wrath in France
  23. Rabagliati in Paris
  24. A new comics gallery in Brussels
  25. Translation, please (I think): Lydie
  26. A Bit Of Closure for Seuls
  27. Flemish Comics For The World
  28. The wisdom of the crowd
  29. Ego Comme X goes English
  30. Boerke online!
  31. Guy Dessicy, The Last Witness. Part 1 : Hergé, Leblanc and Abdallah
  32. Guy Dessicy, The Last Witness. Part 2 : Publiart, Belvision and Vandersteen.
  33. Guy Dessicy, The Last Witness. Part 3 : The Belgian Comic Strip Centre. And Pink Floyd.
  34. Stripping the Occupation
  35. Moomins in Shanghai? or not?
  36. The 6th International Festival of Beja
  37. Tintin in court
  38. Jewish Comics in Berlin
  39. News from Flanders
  40. Shards by Erik De Graaf
  41. The state of the Spanish comics market
  42. Big news for Boerke
  43. Play it cool with Philip Pacquet
  44. Finally: real Smurf stories (again)
  45. Festivals across Europe
  46. Translation, please: Lydie
  47. Blacksad Collected
  48. More Cartoons With Small Creatures
  49. The Illusionist
  50. Translation Please – Quand Je Serai Grand
  51. 14 BD for 14 Juillet ! (part 1)
  52. 14 BD for 14 Juillet ! (part 2)
  53. Translation Please : The Vertigo Quartet
  54. Pilote for the summer
  55. The comics labyrinth
  56. Guy Delisle has a new blog
  57. Little people on a world’s stage
  58. Art Trek 7
  59. New Moomin Movie
  60. Tintin is a radio buff
  61. Come as you are…
  62. Moments in movies
  63. Vive L’Association
  64. Arts : Le Havre
  65. A Few Of My Favourite Things
  66. If you don’t know where to go…
  67. OuBaPo is alive !
  68. Two leaves last a lifetime
  69. Avril throws a Canniff
  70. Alphonse Tabouret wants to meet you
  71. Les Recontres Chaland celebrate Swarte
  72. The dark past of a seminal cartoonist
  73. Kamagurka’s heroes
  74. Politics primer
  75. October on the road in Europe
  76. Moomins in Dundee
  77. Get them to read (comics)
  78. Gil Jourdan to be translated
  79. Treasures from across the continent
  80. The ultimate fan
  81. Villemolle 81 out on DVD
  82. Linthout prepares new series
  83. Looking for a few good cartoonists
  84. Festival update: November
  85. The old country vs. the new
  86. In a world of screen addicts…
  87. Ray Banana Blogs
  88. Some thoughts on the Angoulême shortlist
  89. New work by Ever Meulen in Brussels
  90. Festivals for the festive season
  91. Gray Croucher remembered
  92. Orson Welles as a hippo – Juan Diaz Canales talks about Blacksad #4 (part 1)
  93. The cat’s out of the bag – Juan Diaz Canales talks about Blacksad #4 (part 2)
  94. Bagge on Belgium

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