Forbidden Planet 2014


Please follow these links to the articles I wrote in 2014 for the Forbidden Planet Blog :

  1. Best of 2013 : Wim’s very own
  2. Off to the Bookies : The Angoulême Long List
  3. Charades A La Française
  4. Max And Lily Help Your Children
  5. Pulp Deluxe Reborn
  6. No French President Next Year : The Angoulême Short List
  7. Comics Take To The Streets In France
  8. My Boy Just Got Bigger
  9. The Most Beautiful Ugly Book You’ll Read This Year
  10. The Great Angoulême Roundup
  11. Sugar by Serge Baeken
  12. The Greatest Bell Hop
  13. Ernest And Celestine Are Here
  14. Guarnido Comes Back To Animation
  15. Les Simpsons A La Française
  16. A Fully Mobile Comic
  17. Against The Powers That Be!
  18. Epileptic Animated
  19. On The Comics Trail Of Europe
  20. Down With Ugly Emoticons
  21. BD Art Goes For Hard Cash At Christie’s
  22. FIDH Annual Report In Comics Format
  23. Quai D’Orsay Comes To You On All Fronts
  24. Steal From The Greats
  25. Sleen In Sofia
  26. Dickie Animated
  27. Well Hidden Art
  28. Largest Ever Comic Art Auction To Be Held in France
  29. Max Und Moritz Award 2014
  30. Voteman Wants To Make You Vote
  31. Fearless In France
  32. The Hilda Stories
  33. Life Is Beautiful
  34. L’Atelier Mastodonte
  35. The World’s Smallest Comic Is In Germany
  36. Mattotti In Vietnam
  37. Say Goodbye To Local Heroes
  38. Duck Fans Don’t Like Conchita
  39. The Past Never Ends
  40. Margaux Motin… Something Something Beyonce! (Translation)
  41. Translation On The Fly
  42. Ulli Lust, Best German Language Cartoonist
  43. More Book For Your Buck
  44. From Denmark With Love
  45. Ever in 3D
  46. Shake-up in Dutch Comics Publishing
  47. Comics for Coexistence
  48. Philosophy Is German
  49. Prince Dickie!
  50. The Philosopher Is In
  51. Tend Your Garden Well, With Emile Bravo
  52. Lady Mafia Fights Violence Against Women
  53. What We Need To Know
  54. Moulinsart Takes Dutch Fanclub To Court
  55. Dick Bruna Retires Miffy
  56. Read up on your Bande Dessinée History
  57. E-strips in Flanders
  58. Accidental Art: Ricardo Machuca
  59. Comics Festivals in September
  60. Germany’s First Comics Museum To Open In December
  61. Baeken Lights The Book Signal
  62. Comic Transfer
  63. Atomas Translated
  64. The Batcave Explained
  65. European Court Defines Parody
  66. Translation Please: Scar Tissue
  67. Pieter Fannes Draws Jazz
  68. Boerke Celebrates 15 Years
  69. Festivals on the Continent, October Edition
  70. Cool art from France
  71. La BD Salutes Charles Burns
  72. Boerke Celebrated
  73. Cruelty To Animals Not To Everybody’s Liking
  74. 150 Years Of German Comics
  75. Haarlem Stained Glass Project Almost Completed
  76. The Best Belgian Comics
  77. The Return Of Corto Maltese
  78. Eurocomics Unites European Comics Festivals
  79. Comic On Tour
  80. Animate Europe International Comics Competition
  81. Get To Know Roland Topor
  82. Jim Curious Is Splendid!
  83. Translation Please : Junker by Simon Spruyt
  84. Movies In Two Panels
  85. Serge Animates The Comics
  86. Jeroom Takes to Television
  87. David Merveille Boxes All Of Tati

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