Forbidden Planet 2017


Please follow these links to the articles I’ve written in 2017 for the Forbidden Planet Blog :

  1. Angoulême – What To Look Out For
  2. Vincent Bal Lurks In The Shadow
  3. Tintin In The Soviet Union. In Color This Time
  4. Stripburger 68
  5. Belgian Graphic Novel Wins 10th Annual Manga Award
  6. And Yet More Goodbyes
  7. Little Nemo In Cherbourg
  8. Watch Out For Lukas Verstraete
  9. Angoulême – Grand Prix For Cosey
  10. Comics And Shoa – A Long History
  11. Baeken’s Sugar to be translated in 2018
  12. Hidden folks Out on February 15
  13. Interactive Pizza With La Pastèque
  14. BD To The Big Screen
  15. Marvel A La Française
  16. Growing Pains With Marloes De Vries
  17. When Bandes Dessinées Grew Up
  18. The All-Summer Instagram Feuilleton Comes From France
  19. Asterix Goes To Italy
  20. Let’s Kickstart Some Eurocomics Goodness
  21. Lolek And Bolek Ride Again
  22. Have No Fear, Imbattable Is Here
  23. Monsieur Carton
  24. News From The World Of Joost Swarte
  25. Agent 327 Is Heading For The Big Screen
  26. Be Blacksad In This Video Game
  27. Michel Vaillant At Le Mans
  28. Enrico Marini Takes On Batman
  29. A Life Of Mountains
  30. The Dalton Beatles
  31. Janis Joplin In Comics
  32. All Vote For The Dutch Cartoonist Laureate
  33. It’s Not The Breasts That Offend
  34. Comics Readers Save Book Stores (in France)
  35. Rotterdam Comics Museum Closes Its Doors
  36. All Hands On Deck For Spirou
  37. Kuš celebrates ten years of experimental comics
  38. Le Petit Nicolas In Comics
  39. European Comics Festivals In September
  40. Trouble afoot in Smurf Village
  41. Paulo Patrício on Anima Mundi
  42. Parenthood uncensored
  43. Merveille does Hitchcock
  44. Loving Vincent hits the screens
  45. First ever Italian cross-over featuring Dylan Dog and Dampyr
  46. Berlin cartoonists eligible for subsidies
  47. Fifty years of Carlsen Comics
  48. Best selling book in Belgium is a comic
  49. Historical Tintin album at auction
  50. Fate of the Rotterdam Strip Museum Sealed
  51. In memoriam Bert Bus
  52. Learn how to read with Donald Duck
  53. Combat Digital With Paper Dispensers
  54. Eva Vasquez
  55. New Music Comics From The Contintent
  56. Smurfs on a plane
  57. Luther Animated
  58. Pronatopia Will Move You
  59. Kurdt needs your support!
  60. Comics To Wear, If You Have The Dough
  61. Marini presents dark fanboy candy
  62. Stripburger Hits 25, And Thus Still Sucks
  63. Bob van den Born, Professor Pi Creator, Passes Away At 90
  64. Hopper Reduces to The Max
  65. Bubble Manages Your BD Collection

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