The Impeachable Trump

R. Sikoryak, probably best known for his Masterpiece Comics and Terms and Conditions feats, combined some of Donald Trump’s most outrageous quotes with classic comic covers in his 2017 book, The Unquotable Trump. For the past few months, he has updated that book with four new covers in The Nation‘s OppArt series, culminating this week in The Impeachable Trump, a ‘Merica Second Edition comic.

In addition to Sikoryak, OppArt regularly features great topical cartoons by the likes Of Ann Telnaes, Peter Kuper, and Steve Brodner. Well worth your while!

(Again – Thanks, Mike!)

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Drippingly funny

I love comics that play with the format, even if only in a clunky way. This strip, from the South African cartoonist Scribbly G, is a good panel gag. Nothing more to ad.

(Via Reddit)

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Talking birds galore

As we speak, a number of brave and gracious souls are digging up old and forgotten newspapers comics from archives and microfilm collections, in order to keep them alive and available for posterity. That’s how I got to know and love George Clark‘s short-lived bittersweet Sunday strip The Ripples, and especially the little Aunt Peachy strips that editors could use to fill up the page (like the ones above from April 21 and 28, 1946).

Aunt Peachy specifically struck a chord thanks to Salty, the pet shop owner’s green talking parrot who’s too smart for his own good. He distinctly reminded me of one of the heroes of my youth, Flip, Jommeke’s feathered friend who more often than not gets himself, and his owner, in trouble. He even looks like Salty’s distant cousin.

Come to think of it, there’s another talking parrot that played an important part in the comics of my youth: the perroquet that sets Tintin off on his adventure with L’Oreille Casée. Judging from how often she referred to it, this must be the comic that my mom read the most. 

ps — Jommeke is currently being published in English as Jeremy by Europe Comics. If you are looking for thrilling, funny all ages adventure comics, look no further!

(The Ripples by George Clark, Jommeke by Jef Nys © Standaard Uitgeverij, Tintin © Hergé / Moulinsart 2021 – All rights reserved. with thanks to those generous souls that scan old newspapers. Oh, and hi, mom!)

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Love in times of social distancing

Today is St.-Valentine’s Da; even for totally non-practising christians, that means the day we celebrate love and our loved ones. In the run-up to that, hopefully not too commercialised, lovefest, the Washington Post ran Love At Six Feet, a piece by illustrator Julia Rothman and filmmaker and writer Shaina Feinberg about how the current pandemic and its social distancing commandment impacts our love lives.

It’s a short but very moving short documentary, more so because the voices of the people that feature in it, are not framed in a narrative. And because the art is varied and yet consistently powerful.

(artwork © 2021 The Washington Post, with thanks to Mike)

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Well-oiled Smurfs

During the late 1970s, when oil was still “hot”, the Smurfs were called upon by BP to promote a lot of their products. Some of the material seems to have been the result of a blind tracing experiment, some of it was actually pretty good. As was the case with much of the Smurfs advertising illustrations. Various campaigns were set up all over the world, from Australia to Germany, and in some areas they still pop up once in a while, even as late as 2017 in New Zealand.

(with thanks to all those anonymous Facebook friends that I stole this from).

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Who read comics? (Now a series!)

It’s that jolly bundle of lipstick and mascara and a hairdo that’s either a bird’s nest or a weeping willow depending on his general mood, it’s The Cure‘s very own Robert Smith!

When photographed for one of those “Stars? Ha! They’re Just Like You” features in a teen mag or other, Smith spread out the essentials from his handbag on his bed, including lipstick, cassette tapes, a roll of film, batteries, a copy of Nabokov’s Lolita and… The Beano! And judging from his gleeful face, it’s Wednesday, time for the real Dennis The Menace (whose hair, come to think of it, looks eerily familiar…).

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Jaffee lampoons DC makeover obsession

In the 1990s DC deemed their heroes’ costumes were up for a makeover. Superman got an all-blue body (or an all-red one, depending on which split. In the movies Batman’s suit got all black, and later all nipply and some night-blue shade of purple, while Superman reprised the 1963 Red-Blue split storyline with an all new bodysuit, and for some reason Wonder Woman suddenly looked like a biker chick.

In 1997 DC invited Mad Magazine legend Al Jaffee to create one of his fold-ins for their annual Christmas card, and he couldn’t help but make fun of the make over bonanza. I’ll let you guess which character came up after you folded up the image…

(Image by Al Jaffee; characters © 2020 DC Entertainment, with thanks to Ernesto Guevara)

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Owling with Jillian Tamaki

Owling is just that: go out and look for owls. They’re very hard to spot, even though you’ll hear them often enough, especially in wooded areas. We recently moved to a place that’s basically surrounded by moderate-sized clumps of trees, and more often than not we’ll hear owls hooting after lights out. Or should that be “an owl”, as my dad tells me they are famously solitary animals.

All this to say that when my friend Mike sent me the article by Mira Ptacin from the February 4th New York Times, it struck quite a chord. The amazingly beautiful illustration by Jillian Tamaki was the icing on the cake, and more so.

(illustration by Jillian Tamaki © 2021 The New York Times Company)

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Guibert for Angoulême

Guibert for Angouleme

Let’s face it, there was no Angoulême Festival this year. All the well-willing press releases and online happenings couldn’t possibly make up for browsing around in the Nouveau Monde tent, getting into a scrap for a ticket in a dédicace queue or having a coffee or a demi in Le Chat Noir. But there are exhibitions on at the Musée (not to be confused with La Musée de la Bande Dessinée, which was flooded earlier this week). 

Emmanuel Guibert, winner of the Grand Prix in 2020, created this beautiful picture for his expo. It’s an image that is all too familiar for everybody who has kids reading comics : they may be totally immersed in the story, but at the same time they are ready to jump up and continue the adventure themselves. 

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From one Godfather to the next

The Godfather by Ever Meulen

The year is 2010 and for the celebrated Flemish media magazine Humo, Ever Meulen delights us with this very own take on The Godfather, parts 1 and 2 (and three quarters). Twelve years on this little drawing is still a gem.

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