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Laughing Out Loud Cats hit 1600 !

Adam Koford just posted the 1600th cartoon in his Laughing Out Loud Cats series, and it is mind-blowing.  A perfect story to celebrate one of the best strips currently available on the web.  And now on to 2K !

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Lolcats go forth

Adam Koford’s Laughing-Out-Loud Cats, never shying away from formalistic hijinx, really broke the fourth wall this time.  Can I haz Pirandello ? (cartoon © Adam Koford)

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I haz a Lantern!

I’m not a Green Lantern exegete, but I do know the basics, and I liked his portrayal in Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier.  And above all, I enjoy comics  references that aren’t too geeky or obscure.  And so, thanks, Apelad ! … Continue reading

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I Can Has Video

From Boing Boing : the history of Laughing Out Loud Cats, as blogged about earlier.

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I iz a Yellow Cat

(From Hobotopia)

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The Real Origin of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats

Unless you just came crawling from under a rock in the middle of the Gobi desert, you’ve probably been subjected to the all-encompassing phenomenon that is LOLcats, or Laughing Out Loud Cats. If you did just come crawling etc., just … Continue reading

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