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Owly Reads

Andy Runton has unveiled the new poster for the American Library Association‘s Read campaign, which features his cuddly character Owly.  Next to the poster, there’s also a  new bookmark, which will doubtlessly find its way into many a collection worldwide. I just adore the way … Continue reading

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The Owly-caster rocks !

Here’s an piece of ephemera if ever there was one.  Andy Runton, creator of the fantastic Owly (one of the favorites of the younger denizens of Sparehed Towers), just finished painting his own Owly Guitar, and what a piece of … Continue reading

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Way to go, Top Shelf !

Exactly ten years separate the two catalogues in this picture.  In 1998 I received a little yellow envelope in the mail after sending Chris Staros a polite email.  it listed all the books Top Shelf had published at that time … Continue reading

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I like to read

Even when it’s nice outside, I’d rather stay in and read Owly…

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