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Comics become art!

On October 14th, a statue commemorating alternative comics godfather Harvey Pekar was unveiled at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library in Cleveland, Ohio, an institution that was more than instrumental in his work.  The statue shows Pekar in a typical, shrugging stance, … Continue reading

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Still Moving

Together with dance company Pilobolus, cartoonist Art Spiegelman created  Hapless Hooligan in ‘Still Moving’, a dance performance featuring the tragicomic tale of Hap and Lulu, separated in life and reunited after death. Backed by a score made of early jazz … Continue reading

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Toon Books with Sound

Toon Books is presenting a couple of their books as online read-along books, with dialogue read aloud in as many as five languages. That’s not only a good promotional tool for the delightful early reader books that they bring out, … Continue reading

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Even More Crumb

Austin Kleon went to a talk between  Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly.  And he took notes as only he can. (artwork © Austin Kleon – Creative Commons license)

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The St. Louis Refugee Ship Blues

In the Washington Post, Art Spiegelman recounts the shameful story of 900 Jewish refugees who were denied entry into the US in 1942 and were forced to sail back to Europe, and certain death. It’s a gripping tale, especially thanks … Continue reading

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Be A Nose!

The Blue Barnhouse pointed me towards this quite neat trailer for Art Spiegelman’s new sketchbook collection, Be A Nose, which they describe as follows : Art Spiegelman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Maus, creator of Wacky Packs and the Garbage … Continue reading

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Art Spiegelman for VQR

Art Spiegelman has provided the cover for the Spring 2008 issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review, which, as you see, also features new work by Chris Ware.

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Colleagues salute Ever

As an appendix to yesterday’s post, I’ve selected a few (admittedly, very bad) pictures of doodles by Art Spiegelman and Charles Burns, from letters they sent to Ever Meulen. They were on display at the Meulen exhibition in Leuven, and … Continue reading

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League of Extraordinary Freelancers

Yesterday on The Simpsons : Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore and Dan Clowes appear at a cooler comics store than Comic Book Guy’s. More pictures at scans_daily.

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Comics Jam !

This is what happens when famous cartoonists visit other famous cartoonists. I like the way they also take over the typography, and even the type of balloons they talk with. Click on for the rest. It gets weirder. (from Self-loathing … Continue reading

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