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Hunger is your enemy

“Don’t let hunger beat you” – artwork by Francisco Valle

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Superheroes with or without hair on their faces

What is it with superheroes and shaving these days?  First there was Gillette, asking how Superman shaved (after all, with his super strength in his super hair, you’d need a super razor to get that smooth). And now there’s Braun, … Continue reading

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The real superdrug is belief

A children’s hospital in Brasil developed a special packaging for cancer treatment medicine, combined with comic books that explain how the drug works and why the procedure is so horrible, to help its young patients grow faith in their recover. … Continue reading

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This Charming Man Of Steel

Brasilian illustrator Butcher Billy betrays his age with this New Wave – Silver age mashup. Ever imagined Ian Curtis as Batman, Siouxsie Sioux as Wonder Woman or Robert Smith as Plastic Man? Look no further…

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How the batcave got its dinosaur

We finally know the back story to Batman’s dinosaur, thanks to Kerry Callen. Now for the giant penny!  

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Batman equation

This way, science is cool.  Even though I don’t understand half of it. (via Reddit, which also provides more background)

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Batman and Robin, literally

Well, almost literally (spot the flaw).  You can buy this on a T-shirt from Snorgtees. (via Reddit)

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Superheroes at home

Gregg Segal is a photographer best known for his elaborately  choreographed celebrity portraits and his quite strange thematical series.  One of those, Super-heroes At Home features scenes from the daily life of well-known comic icons, such as Superman, Batman or … Continue reading

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Excel Batman

You, Sir, have too much time on your hands.  Love the filename, though. (via 9Gag)

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Speak your text with Batelco

Bahrain telephone company Batelco has a new service, which reads out your text messages and makes them that bit more direct.  What better way to express this then by means of beautifully drawn word balloons ?

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