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Superman is a pussy

The OYKU/Dialogue agency from Turkey created this ad campaign for the Feliz creativity award show.  The positively fascist-looking blonde hunk above is supposed to be Superman.  There are also versions with a flat-chested Batman, a red Phantom and Italian super-hero … Continue reading

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Green Hornet trailer

Don’t know a lot about the Green Hornet, but this looks like the kind of movie that an Adam West Batman movie could have been.  I think I like it, even though the traffic cam joke was nicked from Johnny … Continue reading

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Man + Iron = …

The “Iron + Man = Iron Man” joke (and especially the female version) has been doing the rounds for a while now, but this minimalistic version by Biotwist has enough freshness to merit attention. (via This Isn’t Happiness)

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Batman Meets Mr. Incredible

This rather dynamic Batman was created by French animation artist, Emmanuel Briand. (Thanks to EclecticBox)

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To the bat- er… horse ?

No, I’m not going to make any of the cheap jokes that will get all kinds of wrong traffic here… (Thanks, Scott)

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To the bat-treehouse !

There’s always room for one more Calvin And Hobbes tribute.  Especially when Batman is involved. (via reddit)

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Even Heroes are only Human

Sculptor Adrian Tranquilli was born in Melbourne (1966), but lives and works in Rome.  His sculptures feature the likenesses of well-known superheroes in their less victorious moments, combined with references to religion, modern art and the like.  Discuss… (From Fubiz … Continue reading

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To the bat – er… small French car ?

That quite sensible, cheap and economical car from 1976 may be “for lovely people”, I don’t see Batman rushing after the Joker in it. (via Viñetas)

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Batman Blues

Just dig the cool sleeve on this blues compilation from 1969.  The man dressed as Batman is supposed to be legendary blues producer Mike Vernon.  And what a line-up !

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Batman generator

You’ve probably seen the “My parents are deaaad” image popping up all over the interwebs.  Now you can easily create your own stupid, zany or disturbing Batman and Robin dialogues with the Batman Comic Generator.  Neat. (Thanks to Eclecticbox – … Continue reading

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