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The truth about Markovia

I guess this message is well past it’s sell-by date, but just to make a point, I’d like to present to you : Markovia has been doing all right, even without Batman’s help. In Batman And The Outsiders #1 (1983), … Continue reading

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More comics in Shanghai

As I said in my previous post, at the Belgian Pavillion at the World Expo in Shanghai, comics are presented as one of the key parts of Belgian culture and Belgium’s contribution to the world.  Hergé is listed among the … Continue reading

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New Flemish illustration

Sometimes rooting around on Facebook can bring up quite cool results.  I was clicking around on some galleries and came across these gems by Flemish illustrators that I hadn’t even heard of before : Stef Van Hyfte (above) and Brecht … Continue reading

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Tintin goes large

Today the largest comic panel in the world was revealed on the Grand Place in Brussels.  OK, it was a reproduction of the famous full page panel that appeared on p. 42 of Objectif Lune, which showed the iconic red-and-white … Continue reading

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Bart Simpson loves Tintin

Big news in the Belgian daily De Standaard : everybody’s favorite all-american disfunctional youngster Bart Simpson turns out to be a Tintin fan.  In the episode In the name of the grandfather, the Simpson family takes a trip through Europe, … Continue reading

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Just so you know, at least in 1955 Belgium, Spirou and Tintin (along with Mickey Magazine) were considered to be “good literature” by the Catholic side of life…

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Belgian fries

There’s something you need to know about Belgians.  Just like Italians claim that the telephone was invented by an Italian, we just know that fries aren’t French, but Belgian.  The world may err, we know better. It’s the same thing … Continue reading

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Belgopocket goes Marque Jaune

One of the first posts I ever did for this blog in its current format, was about the illustrations Johan De Moor made for the Belgopocket in 2005, and how he used his father Bob De Moor’s character Balthazar in … Continue reading

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Brussels Comic City

With Brussels gearing up for a year-long comic festival, it’s probably a good idea to spotlight a more hidden comics gem to prospective tourists.  If you visit the Porte de Hal métro station, it’s like you enter a parallel world, … Continue reading

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Sebastiaan goes scary…

Sebastiaan Van Doninck is a Flemish illustrators of children’s books who also likes a pinch of scary in his drawings.  Check out his blog for more examples… (illustrations © Sebastiaan Van Doninck)

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