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The Parliament of Comics

Flemish cartoonist Tom Bouden, best known for his series of gay comics, recently published a quite lovely album called “Paniek in Stripland” (Panic in Comic Land).  It’s a book that pays hommage to everything that made classic Flemish comics great, … Continue reading

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Photoshop can be fun

Vedeze is a Belgian cartoonist who uses existing photographs to create his satirical and topical imagery.  Most of his work is focused on the current Belgian socio-political situation (Vedeze is also a supporter of the “Save Solidarity” movement, which aims … Continue reading

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Yves Leterme In South-America

Belgian prime minister Yves Leterme, famous for his quiffed hair and Tintinesque earnestness (and lack of humor), is on adventure in South-America.  As seen by Vincent Rif. (Translation : “Excuse me, I’m looking for the Temple of the Sun ?”)

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Kim in Knack

Kim Duchateau, blogged about before, is becoming one of the regular cartoonists for the Flemish weekly news magazine Knack. These illustrations were made for two special editions of Knack, the literary yearbook (above) and the End Of Year special. If … Continue reading

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Belgian schism is no laughing matter

Yes, I’m a belgian ! No, we haven’t had a government for almost four months. And yes, it would seem that some people would like to bury Belgium, not praise it. But still, I’d like it to continue, at least … Continue reading

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Tintin In The Congo ?

(“Don’t worry, Snowy’s in New York”) (“Not like that ! In a clear line, OK ?”) A while ago, a Congolese studen living in Belgium cunningly used the lack of real news during the summer months to file a complaint … Continue reading

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Belgium Salutes You

This is a nice illustration Herr Seele made for a series of books published by the Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad, celebrating Belgium and Belgian life in all its glorious aspects. They even had a book on Belgian comics. If you … Continue reading

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Johan De Moor shows the way

Since this blog is something of a continuation of my Yahoo Group, i’ve decided to post some stuff from time to time that has made the rounds there. I’ll try to limit myself to stuff that’s fairly public domain. To … Continue reading

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