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Dem Bones ain’t movin’ yet

Netflix seems to be doing not that well : stocks are dropping, subscribers are leaving, things are bad. Which in turn means that costs are getting cut, and productions here and there are axed. Among them the animated series project … Continue reading

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Smiley Bone Wants You To Read

Jeff Smith’s endearingly down-to-earth character, Smiley Bone, is the star of the latest campaign by the American Library Association to get kids to read.   You can buy posters and bookmarks featuring this original art from ALA. (via Robot 6)

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Stripgids 14 – iStrips, iemand ?

Eind februari van dit jaar lanceerde internetboekhandel Amazon zijn Kindle 2, een verbeterde versie van zijn ebook, met meer geheugen, een scherper beeld, en toegang tot online winkel voor ebooks.  Om de een of andere reden leeft bij Jeff Bezos … Continue reading

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Mumblier’s rat creature

mumblier is a very cool blog of cartoons, strips and sketches by Australian cartoonist Andrew Fulton. He just did a very good rat creature, which makes it even more cool. I’d like to have one of these…

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40 Part 22 – The CBLDF Cruise

Jeff Smith created this beautiful cartoon to promote the Making Waves Cruise, which was organised around 2000 to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It features all the major “alternative” comic heroes at that time : Marv (from Frank … Continue reading

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