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Styles and characters

Finnish cartoonist Jaakko Seppälä created this overview of ten iconic comic characters as drawn in each of their typical styles. Left to right, we see Albert Uderzo (Astérix), Bill Watterson (Calvin), Carl Barks (or another Donald Duck artist), Hergé (Haddock), … Continue reading

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Never imitate the master

Ever wanted to follow in Calvin and Hobbes’ footsteps? Truman and Oscar, by far the most endearing characters from Frank Cho‘s Liberty Meadows, try just that in this strip that Cho created as an incentive for his Kickstarter project, “Drawing … Continue reading

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Calvin and Garfield

Pandyland takes the Garfield Without Garfield / Calvin Without Hobbes to a next nihilist-existentialist level, with additional Dilbert admin. My head hurts!

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Strips Stamps Done Right

Back when the US Postal Services decided to celebrate America’s classic comic strips with a set of post stamps, Mad Magazine‘s Steve Greenberg gave them a run for their money. This is what the stamps should have been like. (From … Continue reading

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The Goddamn Toy Batman

Now and then I come across these comics mashups buy a guy called Timothy Lim aka ninjaink, and I just love them! It seems that the longer Watterson leaves Calvin and Hobbes alone, the more brilliant their stories become. (via How To Carve … Continue reading

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Superman and Calvin

Comic Book Resources has been running a surprising and entertaining feature lately, Comic Book Easter Eggs, chronicling cross-references and cheeky winks in comic books and graphic novels. In their most recent column, they list a few guest appearances of Bill … Continue reading

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Nanoblock comics

Christopher Tan is a Nanoblock enthusiast who regularly posts new comics-based designs on his Facebook page.  These models are typically a quarter of the size of comparable Lego designs, and I think they’re pretty cute.

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Finally, the story continues

Dan and Tom Heyerman of Pants Are Overrated just added their suggestion of what happened to Calvin and Hobbes after they went exploring. All I can say is, this is the closest I’ve known a tribute strip to be to … Continue reading

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