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Michigan Tech, 2006

Calvin has an education. (via Reddit)

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You’re in existential doubt, Charlie Brown

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield or Calvin Without Hobbes, and how removing one element from a popular strip suddenly added a whole layer of existential angst ?  Well, here is the nec plus ultra of the genre, and it’s even more … Continue reading

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Laugh on your calf

I love comics-themed tattoos, even though I’ll never muster the courage to get one myself.  So, here’s my admiration to you, anonymous hero (except for his middle name), who had this new tattoo spotlighted on Reddit.  Very nicely done, indeed … Continue reading

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Calvin Without Hobbes

Much along the same lines as Garfield Minus Garfield, Jeff Ocean has posted a series of Calvin & Hobbes strips in which he removed the Hobbes character, or replaced it with its stuffed toy animal counterpart.  While the result of … Continue reading

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To the bat-treehouse !

There’s always room for one more Calvin And Hobbes tribute.  Especially when Batman is involved. (via reddit)

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Real-life Calvinette

(via Reddit)

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Calvin on Retalin

Found this on Popurls.  This can’t possibly be genuine, right ?  Still, it hits home.

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Calvin & Hobbes sushi

Anna The Red makes food and other stuff looks nice !  This sushi doesn’t contain tuna because Hobbes ate it all, as tigers would. (thanks, Gene)

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Happy birthday, Mieke

Today is my dear sister’s 40th birthday, and this M.S. Corley illustration is especially for her.  Even as you grow up, don’t lose track of the child in you… (Calvin & Hobbes © 2009 uclick, LLC)

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Stripgids 14 – iStrips, iemand ?

Eind februari van dit jaar lanceerde internetboekhandel Amazon zijn Kindle 2, een verbeterde versie van zijn ebook, met meer geheugen, een scherper beeld, en toegang tot online winkel voor ebooks.  Om de een of andere reden leeft bij Jeff Bezos … Continue reading

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