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Later in life

Again, a gem that came to me via a variety of bookmarking networks (popurls, digg, what have you).  I haven’t got the faintest clue who did this, but I think it is quite profound.  And together with this, it’s quite … Continue reading

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From Coffee And Cigarettes.

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Dear Mr. Watterson

In my pantheon of comic strip artists, Bill Watterson is way up high in the lonely clouds.  He’ll probably be in the company of other insanely great cartoonists (Charles Schulz, Patrick McDonnell, Winsor McCay, George Herriman), but his chair will … Continue reading

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Hobbes !

Garen Ewing’s A-Z comic characters is almost halfway now, and it’s been one of the best comics-themed serials on the web in a long time. As a Eurocomics nut, I was very pleased that Gaston Lagaffe and Captain Haddock made … Continue reading

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Extreme Calvin & Hobbes devotion is…

… getting a complete strip tattoo.  Of a water balloon gag (that doesn’t even feature Spaceman Spiff). (via Funtasticus.com)

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Calvin & Hobbes

For real ! By Nina Matsumoto of Space Coyote. (via Neatorama)

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Fang Wampire Watterson

The one that shan’t be named found these illustrations by Bill Watterson of Calvin And Hobbes fame, for tapes by his brother Tom’s band, The Rels. The designs are signed “Fang Wampire”, which is adequately weird. Check out Rare Bill … Continue reading

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Word !

Over on scans_daily, they’re holding Calvin & Hobbes week. This message to C&H creator Bill Waterson is from webcomic Least I Could Do, and I completely second that !

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Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen

Compare : with : More (via Miss Cellania)

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