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Mix ‘n’ match heroism

Brazilian guerilla artist Butcher Billy (him of the Charming Man Of Steel) uses quite iconic imagery from the clash of the titans in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to tell that only slightly less earth-shattering story of the confrontation between … Continue reading

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Never too old for comics

According to these ads for Melo chicken nuggets, your comfort zone remains in your childhood, whether it’s your heroes, or your comfort food. However, they don’t speak out on a possible causal relation between said comfort food and the guts … Continue reading

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Donors are superheroes

Donors save lives, which is, incidentally, what real superheroes do. Simple message, perfectly executed for this campaign from the government of the State of Ceará, Brasil. Also, it struck me that they only use heroes with real superpowers (so, no … Continue reading

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Don’t face a drinking parent alone

In 1987 the National Association for Children of Alcoholics created a series of posters to alert children of alcoholic parents that they are not alone, and to invite them to seek counseling.  The posters features classic Marvel comics characters, like … Continue reading

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Captain America has issues

Captain America’s therapist advised him to keep a video journal, and so he does.  Innuendo about fellow super-heroes included : Stark drinks, Parker’s a whiner and Thor smells.  And he has a lot of anger.  So there. (via Joe)

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Mr. Super-men

I love the Mr. Men !  And I love superheroes !  Than how can I not love the Super Mr. Men that Steven Anderson puts on his Flickr page ? (Thanks, Kevin)

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Argyleman !

Mark Newport is a visual artist who likes to work with knitting techniques, either during performances, or in finished pieces like these super-heroes winter outfits.  I love the Argyleman costume.  Be sure to check out Newport’s website, with more examples … Continue reading

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