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Corto Maltese Falcon

Find a good word joke, and add some comic content. In my book, that makes you a winner, Jason!

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Styles and characters

Finnish cartoonist Jaakko Seppälä created this overview of ten iconic comic characters as drawn in each of their typical styles. Left to right, we see Albert Uderzo (Astérix), Bill Watterson (Calvin), Carl Barks (or another Donald Duck artist), Hergé (Haddock), … Continue reading

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Corto in Vernaza

When my parents were on holiday in Italy earlier this month, they spotted this wooden plaque outside a bar in Vernaza (Liguria).  In my opinion, this looks too much like Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese to be a coincidence.  Which only … Continue reading

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Just in time for Christmas

€ 40 – 75. More info here. It’s interesting to see how Swatch caters to the fans of the original, purist, black-and-white Corto, and to the watercolor Corto aficcionados at the same time. Personally, I like the second one more.

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Corto Maltese in advertising

Here are two examples of Hugo Pratt‘s Corto Maltese used in advertising. The first one is fairly straightforward – a fragrance company uses Corto’s likeness as a symbol for masculinity and attractiveness. They might as well have used a thirteen-a-dozen … Continue reading

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