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We Told You So

After having been announce many years ago, We Told You So, the definitive history of Fantagraphic Books is now slated for publication in November of 2016. Written by the inimitable Tom Spurgeon, the book sports a (not as yet final) … Continue reading

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Clowes does Chicago

If you (or Chicago Magazine) ask what Chicago means to Dan Clowes, you get this. Get the fully annotated version at the magazine’s website. (via The Beat)

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Clowes goes burlesque

An older poster for the now legendary Velvet Hammer burlesque show, by Dan Clowes.  I’d heard of the poster, but I’d never seen it before until René Claude posted it on Pour 15 Minutes d’Amour. That’s two Dan Clowes posts in … Continue reading

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New Yorker goes Science Fiction

The June 4-11 double issue of the New Yorker Magazine is a scorcher.  The self-styled “Science fiction issue” features prose by Ursula K. Leguin, Jonathan Lethem, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood and more, and, to top it off, it sports a … Continue reading

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Your shoes are OK

Dan Clowes OK Soda shoelaces.   Even in the 90s, it doesn’t get much more ephemere than that. (via Blog Flume)

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Books? We have books!

This is the cover of this week’s New Yorker Magazine by Dan Clowes (courtesy of D&Q).  This is also exactly how I feel when I enter your average book store.

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What if Clowes…

… had been making TV serials ?  These Dan Clowes paraphernalia were created, or at least posted, by Spanish illustrator and cartoonist Mr. Ed (I think – somebody help me !).

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