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Happy Easter

What better way to celebrate Easter than this Bizarro cartoon, which literally has everything.  So don’t ask me to enumerate. (cartoon © Dan Piraro Distributed by King Features Syndicate)

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Super Bizarro

Dan Piraro is doing a book of Bizarro super-hero cartoons next spring, and to celebrate that, he posted two excellent DC-themed cartoons on his blog.  I like the way he makes fun of the way Wonder Woman is always thought … Continue reading

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Word Balloons – The manual

Dan Piraro solves the mystery of how to use your word balloons.  Thanks Dan ! Indicentally, I liked his account of how people started interpreting this cartoon in a much broader sense than he had originally intended.

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Today’s Bizarro

Once more, Piraro says it all.  Or not, depending how deep you delve into it. (cartoon © Dan Piraro)

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Nailing it.

For once Bizarro doesn’t do Superman, but another comic hero : our favorite feral mutant, Wolverine.  It’s a groaner, but a good one. (Cartoon © Dan Piraro)

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It’s Captain International !

When it comes to combining topical issues with comics content, there’s no topping Bizarro ! (Cartoon © Dan Piraro)

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His own words

I love it when Bizarro goes all self-referential…

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Bat Man

Dan Piraro‘s take on the plethora of â„¢’s that plague the nation’s comics heroes.  I like it.  I also like the stick of dynamite waiting to go off while the two heroes bicker about intellectual laws.

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Profanity Supply Store

A neat metareferential cartoon by Dan Piraro . (From Bizarro, via Neatorama)

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