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Green Or Mean

Dark Horse goes green for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Or do they?  Let’s examine this a bit closer : You’re replacing disposable plastic bags with durable bags – made of what, exactly ?  Plastic equals pollution – if … Continue reading

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Pope Does Spock + a rant

Together with K/O, comics maverick Paul Pope created When Worlds Collide, a nice tie-in for the upcoming Star Trek movie for Wired Magazine, featuring Spock reflecting on his life as a half-human, half-vulcan.  It’s a very nice little comic that … Continue reading

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Andrew Fulton’s Mumblier gets better every day.  Not only has Fulton’s gotten better and better in his use of color and page layout, he seems to have freed himself completely of all boundaries in terms of story, plot and subject … Continue reading

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Stripgids : Van Floppy naar Online

De nieuwe jaargang van Stripgids is gelanceerd, en daarmee ook mijn derde reeks columns over strips en het internet.  Deze keer starten we met traditionele uitgevers die ook online beginnen te publiceren.

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Dark Horse Presents Again !

Dark Horse Presents, or DHP for short, introduced me to some of the finest cartoonist around. Evan Dorkin, Paul Pope, Renée French, Stan Sakai, to name but a few – I first saw their work in that wonderful anthology that … Continue reading

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