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So long, Master Cooke

Earlier today it was announced that cartoonist Darwyn Cooke has died. Even though I never met the guy, I feel like I’ve lost a friend, somebody who was there when you needed him and offered advice and comfort. Allow me … Continue reading

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Darwyn Cooke Does Monsters

Atom style genius Darwyn Cooke provided the box art for the Criterion Collection box set, Monsters And Madmen, featuring the classic films The Atomic Submarine, Corridors of Blood, First Man into Space, and The Haunted Strangler. Cooke also did the … Continue reading

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Live comics in Toronto

Christopher Butcher of the world-famous comic book store The Beguiling, is kind enough to share good quality scans for several Toronto Comics Arts Festival posters by the likes of Seth and Darwyn Cooke.  Thanks, Chris !

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The bug that never was

Over on Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog, Calum Johnston sheds some light on the non-existing issue 6 of the Ambush Bug : Year None miniseries.  Cooke was supposed to provide the cover for that issue, but for some reason it never … Continue reading

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I haz a Lantern!

I’m not a Green Lantern exegete, but I do know the basics, and I liked his portrayal in Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier.  And above all, I enjoy comics  references that aren’t too geeky or obscure.  And so, thanks, Apelad ! … Continue reading

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New Frontier

Please. Don’t suck. Oh, and that goes for you too. Be warned.

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The New Frontier

I’m normally not the type to start raving about upcoming stuff, but I truly can’t wait to see this. (via This is Pop Culture)

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