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The bug that never was

Over on Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog, Calum Johnston sheds some light on the non-existing issue 6 of the Ambush Bug : Year None miniseries.  Cooke was supposed to provide the cover for that issue, but for some reason it never … Continue reading

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Blackest Lego

Ulises Farinas, it would seem, is not only the cartoonist behind Act-I-Vate‘s excellent Motro feature, he’s also a certified Lego nut.   Just look at this absolutely gorgeous (and totally acurate) Lego version of DC’s current crossover extravaganza, Blackest Night ! … Continue reading

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Fold your own JLA

Matt Hawkins of Custom Paper Toys has created a whole line of JLA bobble heads for Arby’s kid’s meals.  They’ll arrive in the stores later this week, and will only be availabe for a short time.  They look good  : … Continue reading

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Superman strip in USA Today

If you’re not that keen on spending your hard-earned cash on Wednesday Comics, DC‘s newest shot at “doing something that looks like something old that’s considered cool so that we look cool too”, you can follow one of that book’s … Continue reading

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Green Lantern Trailers ? Take Your Pick !

With rumors on a possible Green Lantern movie seeping down the interwebs, there’s no shortage of fan-made trailers.  This one, by Jaron Pitts is by far the most professional one, and, if nothing else, the most promising one in terms … Continue reading

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Stripgids 14 – iStrips, iemand ?

Eind februari van dit jaar lanceerde internetboekhandel Amazon zijn Kindle 2, een verbeterde versie van zijn ebook, met meer geheugen, een scherper beeld, en toegang tot online winkel voor ebooks.  Om de een of andere reden leeft bij Jeff Bezos … Continue reading

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Crisis Crossover

Crisis on Earth Prime, Gary Greenwood‘s source of choice for all things Megalomaniac DC Crossover, is currently running a series of strips that Johnny Lowe created for the 1986 Birmingham Comic Art Show programme.  Using characters and typical settings from popular … Continue reading

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