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Immonen goes McCay

Here are The origins of DC Super-Villains, as envisioned by Stuart Immonen in the early 1990’s.  As if Windsor McCay came back to life.  With thanks to CalamityJon. (via Drawn)

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20 Years Of Sandman

DC Comics celebrates 20 years of The Sandman with a rather chaotic poster featuring all the main characters from the seminal comics series, drawn by (almost) all artists who drew the stories in the first place.  Check out NY Magazine’s … Continue reading

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I truly love this

This could be the single best thing that’s come out of the current DC glut so far…

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Fun for young and old

Compare these two pages. On the left, a paper toy from Playboy, january 1998 (kindly provided by Mike Rhode) and on the right a similar do-it-yourself toy from DC’s new get-them-while-they’re-young title Super Friends. Ah, nothing new under the sun…

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A Penny A Piece

I love these vintage Fleer advertisments.  If only they made them like this these days… From Big Town, issues 3, 18 and 21 respectively, published by DC comics, early 1950’s)

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My name is Eilrahc !

Al Capp’s Fearless Fosdick gets the traditional DC don’t-say-your-name-backwards in this 1955 ad for Wildroot hair products.

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Blunder Woman

(from Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine)

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DC Stamps

In 1980, DC wanted to make some fuzz about the extra content pages they were adding to their books. The back-up stories were supposed to feature a whole stable of regular also-rans (if you don’t count Batman and Robin), and … Continue reading

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Meet young artist Bob Kane

From Batman #1. (Thanks, Dave)

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The Hall Of Trophies

DC boasting again. An award for “Constructive advancement in comic books”, imagine that. From Big Town, issue 36 (1955).

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