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Calvin and Garfield

Pandyland takes the Garfield Without Garfield / Calvin Without Hobbes to a next nihilist-existentialist level, with additional Dilbert admin. My head hurts!

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Doubtsourcing was launched by Sandeep Sood, owner of software consultancy company Monsoon, and is the Dilbert of the 21st century. It’s adequately geeky, and its writer obviously knows what he’s talking about. It even has something Dilbert doesn’t : art … Continue reading

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The Dawn of Dilbert (Yahoo Group Recap)

A second recap from the Ephemerist Yahoo Group. A while ago, Scott Adams published his very first cartoons, with which he pitched his series, Dilbert, on Dilbert.com. A quite unique look into the past, and it even makes Dogbert, my … Continue reading

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