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Disney strips play money

I always enjoy discovering newspaper strips and comics that try and add a little extra to just that story on the page. in the 1930s the syndicated Walt Disney strip, Silly Symphonies,  used to include extra panels with toy dollar … Continue reading

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Marvel goes bazooka

One of the most peculiar uses of comics in a marketing context, is the Bazooka Joe comic. For roughly sixty years (from 1952 onwards), Topps included a short comic with its Bazooka Joe brand of bubblegum, chronicling the adventures of … Continue reading

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Styles and characters

Finnish cartoonist Jaakko Seppälä created this overview of ten iconic comic characters as drawn in each of their typical styles. Left to right, we see Albert Uderzo (Astérix), Bill Watterson (Calvin), Carl Barks (or another Donald Duck artist), Hergé (Haddock), … Continue reading

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Super Mash-up

In terms of mash-up, it doesn’t get much better than this : French superstar François Avril doing a version of the classic Tintin comic, l’ÃŽle Noire (The Black Island), featuring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse (channelling both Tintin and Ranko … Continue reading

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Huey, Dewey, Louie and… ?

I was cleaning up my kids’ room when I found this issue of the Dutch Donald Duck magazine of two years back.  I immediately noticed something strange.  Just count the number of ice cream scoops Donald has on his head, … Continue reading

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A Real Duck

I’m a great fan of Robert Goodin‘s Covered project, which presents classic comic covers reimagined by contemporary cartoonists.  Goodin himself has just provided the best one so far, I think, with Donald Duck and his nephews as real ducks (based … Continue reading

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Gerben Valkema

The arrival of the new Donald Duck Weekly is a high point in my kids’ week.  This Dutch Disney magazine excels in bringing a consistent high-quality mix of imported and translated stories, together with homegrown work.  Story material doesn’t only … Continue reading

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55 Years Of Donald Duck Magazine

Donald Duck, the Dutch Disney comics weekly, celebrated its 55th anniversary earlier (well, it’s just as good an anniversary as any, isn’t it ?). On that occasion, they actually buried the cover of their festive issue with an avalanche of … Continue reading

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Donald Duck Is Actually Funny

My kids have a subscription for the Dutch Donald Duck Magazine (the “Happy Weekly”). I read it sometimes for old times’ sake. This week, however (the “Back to School” issue) I actually had to laugh out loud, when I saw … Continue reading

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Donald Duck a la Pratt

From The Arflovers Blog : Hugo Pratt’s take at Donald Duck. Oh, and they also have rss-feeds these days ! Yesh ! (via The Beat)

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