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Many panels: Horror Vacui

Ever since I came across his work in Instant Piano in the mid-90s, I’ve had a sweet spot for the frantic, neurotic narrative style used by Evan Dorkin, a style that is only matched by his frenetic tendency to fill … Continue reading

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Eltingville Animated

In 2001 people in the know thought it would be a good idea to do an animated version of Evan Dorkin’s quintesentially nineties dorkdom comic, The Eltingville Club (I’m using the shortened name from the collected edition). Even though the … Continue reading

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Milk & Cheese Fan Art

About twenty years ago, I thought Evan Dorkin‘s special brand of humor was the bee’s knees.  I still like it, but the combination of high-octane in-your-faceness and sugar-rush non-sequiturs gets a little tiring in the end. For a while now, … Continue reading

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New Milk And Cheese

Evan Dorkin is still working on a new Milk And Cheese, but it takes a while (as could be expected with dairy products).

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How To Cook A Gentile

Evan Dorkin kicks ass in Heeb Magazine. Shalom ! (via Ryan at Second Verse)

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I Love You, Beth Cooper

Evan Dorkin has provided the cover illustration for I Love You, Beth Cooper, Larry Doyle’s new novel that seems to be “in development” for a Chris Columbus movie. There’s reviews for the novel aplenty, but what I particularly like, are … Continue reading

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Nerve and Neil

Nerve is doing a Comics Issue this month, with new work added by Paul Pope, Sophie Crumb, Andi Watson (!), Chynna Clugston, Jim Mahfood (!) and Meg Hunt. Also interviews with Alison Bechdell, Peter Bagge, Evan Dorkin and Roz Chast. … Continue reading

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