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The power of white bread

Now we know where Flash Gordon gets his resiliance, his straightforwardness and his strength.  It’s all the bread you eat. (From a promo comic, thanks to Dave Reeder)

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Fun for young and old

Compare these two pages. On the left, a paper toy from Playboy, january 1998 (kindly provided by Mike Rhode) and on the right a similar do-it-yourself toy from DC’s new get-them-while-they’re-young title Super Friends. Ah, nothing new under the sun…

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Saviour of the Universe !

In case you had doubts about the seriousness in “Flash Gordon” (the movie, not the comic strip), here’s Alex Ross to take them away with an impressive cover to the new DVD edition. At least now Flash is truly the … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon & Union Carbide

Back in the early 1970’s, Union Carbide ran some advertisments in comic form with Flash Gordon. They are quite cheesy, and I really can’t understand how this was still a good idea in the 70’s.

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