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The JLA drives a Merc

A message shared by Mercedes-Benz (@mercedesbenz) on Nov 7 2017 at 6:32 PST Some time ago a group of men sat around a big table in a big room, and one of them said, “You know what we need to … Continue reading

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Faster than a speeding truck

Somehow I don’t think the indicia on this Polish truck (which passed me on the right at alarming speed only to almost slam in the traffic jam some 200 meters ahead of us) were authorised.

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Heroic words of wisdom

I’m always interested in projects that combine elements of popular or geek culture to create new visual designs. Heroic Words Of Wisdom is such a project, which has been around for a while but only just popped up on my radar … Continue reading

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Red Bull gives you wings (even if you have powers)

New York designer Diego Fonseca created these mockups for Red Bull energy drink cans adorned with the colors of celebrated Justice League members. I doubt whether these will ever be realised.  After all, the Flash already has wings, and the … Continue reading

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Super babies !

Aw, aren’t they cute ?  You can get them at the Neatoshop.

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Pope Does Spock + a rant

Together with K/O, comics maverick Paul Pope created When Worlds Collide, a nice tie-in for the upcoming Star Trek movie for Wired Magazine, featuring Spock reflecting on his life as a half-human, half-vulcan.  It’s a very nice little comic that … Continue reading

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Golden Age In Paper

This I like : somebody called Professor Plastik took Chris Ware’s example and has started creating paper model kits for Golden Age Superheroes.  So far, he’s done the Golden Age Flash and Max Fleischer Superman, but judging from his pages, … Continue reading

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Promotional Card Sheets (3)

This final batch was published to promote the DC firepower cards, and a set of cards featuring depictions of Marvel Superheroes by the Hildebrandt brothers, grandly called “Marvel Masterpieces”.

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