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Mix ‘n’ match heroism

Brazilian guerilla artist Butcher Billy (him of the Charming Man Of Steel) uses quite iconic imagery from the clash of the titans in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to tell that only slightly less earth-shattering story of the confrontation between … Continue reading

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Alan Moore, Supreme Wizard

Over on CBR, Brazilian cartoonist Caio Oliveira mixes up Doctor Strange some with the Bearded One’s public persona to come up with this quite remarkable satire.  Be sure to check his Marvel Pulp Fiction mashup stories on his DeviantArt portfolio – they’re … Continue reading

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That yellow whiny bastard

It’s been a while since Frank Miller’s signature style was parodied, but here’s a beauty : That Yellow-Shirted So-And-So by Timothy Lim and Jean Luc Pham, mixing Peanuts with Sin City.  Yes, the doctor is in. (From Cinematical)

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Despirited Spirit

This has been around for a couple of months, it seems, but I only saw it today. It’s just sad, really… What I do like, however, is Chris Peyer’s take on what a Frank Miller Dan Dare movie would look … Continue reading

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Penguin Deluxe Series

After reading Charlie Gower’s post on tantramar about the cover Chris Ware did for Rousseau’s Candide, I checked out the Penguin Deluxe website for other covers by cartoonists. Most of them are fairly recognisable, such as covers by Art Spiegelman, … Continue reading

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