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Gaston didn’t know, obviously

In the seventies Franco-belgian comics magazines like Spirou hardly contained any advertising, except maybe for their own album series or for the odd record player. Content mattered then as more than as a buffer between commercial messages. And in case … Continue reading

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Kleine Guust is grote Guust

A quick note for our English readers – as of today you will from time to time come across reviews of comics in ¬†Dutch. Now is a good time to learn the language ūüėČ In 1957 deed een nogal slungelig … Continue reading

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Comic sweets

I’m on some kind of a diet for the moment. So I’m not at all surprised (even though I’m a bit miffed about it) that I see comics-branded sweets all over town now. But I still take pictures of them.

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M’enfin !

In his regular strip series Les P’tits Monstres (The Little Monsters), French cartoonist Thierry Martin just posted this great hommage to everybody’s favorite office clerk, Gaston Lagaffe.¬† Anybody who’s regularly among kids that have a steady videogames-comics-cartoons diet, will totally … Continue reading

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Yves Leterme according to Vincent Rif

Vincent Rif does not have a high opinion about our new Prime Minister Yves Leterme on his first foreign mission since accepting office.¬† If you don’t get the reference, check here.

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No copyrights in Africa

(photo © Marc Goldchstein, published in De Morgen Magazine, september 15 Рvia my mom)

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Real life Franquin

Late last year I visited the “World of Franquin” exhibition in Brussels with my kids. It was a great show, with lots of real life objects that were lifted from several Spirou and Gaston stories that Franquin did. I was … Continue reading

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