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Stamps 2021 : Belgium

Belgian’s post office BPost always excels itself in its confusing communication style. If you want to know what the stamps they have planned for 2021 look like, you need to either watch a YouTube slide show or buy a 6.50 … Continue reading

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Gaston didn’t know, obviously

In the seventies Franco-belgian comics magazines like Spirou hardly contained any advertising, except maybe for their own album series or for the odd record player. Content mattered then as more than as a buffer between commercial messages. And in case … Continue reading

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Kleine Guust is grote Guust

A quick note for our English readers – as of today you will from time to time come across reviews of comics in  Dutch. Now is a good time to learn the language 😉 In 1957 deed een nogal slungelig … Continue reading

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Comic sweets

I’m on some kind of a diet for the moment. So I’m not at all surprised (even though I’m a bit miffed about it) that I see comics-branded sweets all over town now. But I still take pictures of them.

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M’enfin !

In his regular strip series Les P’tits Monstres (The Little Monsters), French cartoonist Thierry Martin just posted this great hommage to everybody’s favorite office clerk, Gaston Lagaffe.  Anybody who’s regularly among kids that have a steady videogames-comics-cartoons diet, will totally … Continue reading

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Yves Leterme according to Vincent Rif

Vincent Rif does not have a high opinion about our new Prime Minister Yves Leterme on his first foreign mission since accepting office.  If you don’t get the reference, check here.

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No copyrights in Africa

(photo © Marc Goldchstein, published in De Morgen Magazine, september 15 – via my mom)

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Real life Franquin

Late last year I visited the “World of Franquin” exhibition in Brussels with my kids. It was a great show, with lots of real life objects that were lifted from several Spirou and Gaston stories that Franquin did. I was … Continue reading

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