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Alan Moore, Supreme Wizard

Over on CBR, Brazilian cartoonist Caio Oliveira mixes up Doctor Strange some with the Bearded One’s public persona to come up with this quite remarkable satire.  Be sure to check his Marvel Pulp Fiction mashup stories on his DeviantArt portfolio – they’re … Continue reading

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Arkham Asylum Trailer

If DC ever greenlights a movie based on Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s Arkham Asylum, they needn’t look any further. This Spanish “fake trailer” by Ferran Brooks is simply awesome. And I’m choosing my words carefully. By carefully imitating the … Continue reading

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40 Part 35 – Lego ?!

Here’s a little game for you all. The image above shows three very famous British comics writers. Can you guess them all ? Update – as numerous people have told me, this is the work of David Oakes, who has … Continue reading

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