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Heroic words of wisdom

I’m always interested in projects that combine elements of popular or geek culture to create new visual designs. Heroic Words Of Wisdom is such a project, which has been around for a while but only just popped up on my radar … Continue reading

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Red Bull gives you wings (even if you have powers)

New York designer Diego Fonseca created these mockups for Red Bull energy drink cans adorned with the colors of celebrated Justice League members. I doubt whether these will ever be realised.  After all, the Flash already has wings, and the … Continue reading

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The real superdrug is belief

A children’s hospital in Brasil developed a special packaging for cancer treatment medicine, combined with comic books that explain how the drug works and why the procedure is so horrible, to help its young patients grow faith in their recover. … Continue reading

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Super babies !

Aw, aren’t they cute ?  You can get them at the Neatoshop.

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Green Lantern Trailers ? Take Your Pick !

With rumors on a possible Green Lantern movie seeping down the interwebs, there’s no shortage of fan-made trailers.  This one, by Jaron Pitts is by far the most professional one, and, if nothing else, the most promising one in terms … Continue reading

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I haz a Lantern!

I’m not a Green Lantern exegete, but I do know the basics, and I liked his portrayal in Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier.  And above all, I enjoy comics  references that aren’t too geeky or obscure.  And so, thanks, Apelad ! … Continue reading

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The Supers !

This massive piece by Allan Sanders was shown at the Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts show at the Coningsby Gallery, London last week.  Click through to Allan’s site for a fuller size version.  This makes my day a little lighter … Continue reading

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The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern by Mel Ramos (1962) was sold yesterday for $ 600,000 at Bonham’s… (Thanks, you-know-who)

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